Gojek Clone: Build Super App Solution for All in One Services In Thailand

Getting your daily essentials like Food and Groceries, Booking a Taxi Ride, hiring a Personal Tutor for Algebra, etc. was never this easy. An Gojek Clone App in Thailand has turned around the Businesses and Consumers Habit of availing Services. People now rely on Apps that offer prompt Services, Easy Transaction Options, and a Seamless User Experience. 

Thriving Entrepreneurs, this App is your Golden Key to unlock a box full of Opportunities. Let’s see why it is called a Super App and how you can build one!  


This Super App is a collection of 70+ On-Demand Services from different genres like Transport & Logistics, Delivery On-Demand, Service Providers On-Demand, etc. In other words, it is a Huge Umbrella that offers people to avail themselves of Services of all kinds. A handful of these are: 

Taxi Rentals and Carpool 

App Users In Thailand can book a Taxi Ride. They have the luxury to choose the type of Car they want like a Sedan, Hatchback, SUV, etc. Users can select the option for Rentals and Car Pooling too. 

The Taxi Booking iWatch App lets the User add Pickup and Drop Locations, Make Payments, Call the Driver, and much more. Thus, iWatch Users can book a Ride through the Smartwatch keeping their hands-free! 

Delivery Genie 

A Gojek Clone Genie is a Professional Personal Shopper who goes around the City to fetch and purchase items that Users want from the Local Market. The Personal Shopper will go to the shop, look for the Ordered Item, Upload its picture on the App, and wait for the User’s Approval. After the User sees the picture and approves the Item, the Genie will go ahead and purchase them. And with all the necessary Covid-19 Precautions, they will deliver the Items to your Doorstep. 

On-Demand Grocery Delivery 

Get Groceries from nearby Stores delivered right to your Doorstep. Order Fresh Tomato Feta Soup, Opal Apples, Maison Barboulot Cabernet Syrah Wine, Chocolate Whole Milk, etc. Look for a Store using the Search Bar Option on the App, say, ‘Farm Fresh Goods’ and add all the items in your Cart. Edit your Cart from the Checkout Page itself if you want, use the Promo Code for extra Discounts, and select a preferred Payment Mode before you hit the CHECKOUT button. 


This On-Demand Multi-Service App has some Powerful Features like

  • Referral Rewards: App Users get rewards when someone uses their Referral Code to Join the App and book a Service. The Reward Amount is credited directly to the App Users In-App Wallet. 
  • Secured Transactions: The App Users can add their Credit Card and use them to make payments. The Users can save their Card Information safely as it is not stored in the App or its Database. All the details of your card are kept in the Safe Vaults of the Payment Gateway Company. 
  • Top-Up your Wallet: Users can Top-Up their Wallet Balance before making a Payment. This Feature helps them to pay via Wallet if they don’t want to indulge in Credit Card or Cash Payments. 


You can now Launch an App within a Week. That’s all the time App Developers at a White-Labeling Firm need to Rebrand their Base App by placing your Company’s Name & Logo everywhere. They’ll change the Color-Theme of the App and Website to match with your Logo’s Color. The Experts will customize your Gojek Clone App In Thailand as per your Business Plan and initiate the Launch Process on Play Store, App Store, or Huawei Store. Thus, you’ll be ready for the Super App Launch in just a Week. 


Why not connect with the Experts and start building your App right from today? The faster you’ll launch the App, the quicker you’ll be able to grab a Competitive-Edge. Get this All-in-One Services App and become a Millionaire without putting in a pinch of effort.