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Gas Safety
Gas Safety

The importance of gas safety can be realized by the fact that over 700,000 cases have been reported due to unsafe gas appliances in the last year. Whether it is a hospital, school, home, or office, natural gas is a primary part of it. So, it is important to apply gas safety measures to ensure that everyone around you is safe.

The use of gases is immense; it is used in almost every appliance that is installed in a house. Following are some of them: 

  • Heating and cooling air
  • Gas used for ranges (stoves and ovens)
  • Fireplaces
  • Laundry dryers
  • Barbeque grills and fire pits
  • Water heating
  • Drainage and stormwater management

Now, the main question is that how are you going to apply the gas safety measures. We are going to enlist the steps you should follow to ensure gas safety: 

Check Your Gas Appliances Every Year

Every machinery needs maintenance, and gas appliances are no different. Regular inspections ensure the proper working of appliances and save us from gas hazards. 

You should have your gas appliances checked every 12 months to ensure that they are burning the gas properly. In Europe and the UK, gas safety checks are mandatory by law. As a landlord, you must get a gas certificate every year to prove that your gas appliances and fittings are safe for use. 

If you are a tenant, you can ask the landlord for a copy of the gas safety record. If the gas safety measures are properly followed, the landlord will provide you with a certificate guaranteeing that gas fitting has been checked and is according to the standards. 

Make Sure That Your Engineer Is Gas Safe Registered

A Gas Safe registered engineer is the only one legally authorized to install, fix, and service gas appliances. You can find one by searching the company name, service, and areas of work. 

Check Your Engineer’s Gas Safe ID Card

The backside of the engineer’s ID card holds all the details. It includes all the types of gas work that an engineer is qualified to do. A unique license number is issued to every certified gas safe engineer, giving information about their qualifications range.

If you suspect that an engineer who is working on gas appliances is not certified, you can report to the Gas Safe register. They will investigate the engineer in question and their work.

Register For A Gas Safety Check From The Gas Safe Register

If your property has gas work done in the last halfyear, you can nominate it for a free inspection from the Gas Safe Register. Moreover, attend events organized to inform people about the importance of gas safety. 

Now, we will tell you how you can get a gas safety certificate and the cost of a gas safety certificate.

What is the Cost of a Gas Certificate? 

The average price for getting a gas certificate is between 30-1000+ pounds. The cost of the certificate varies according to the location and type of the property, as well as the number of appliances. 

You can get a gas safety certificate by making an appointment with a gas-safe engineer. After the engineer is done with the inspection, you will receive the certificate.

Why Do You Need An Annual Safety Check?

In most countries, especially the UK, every property is fuelled by gas. Gas is used for heating, hot water, and cooking. Recent research of the UK shows that 43% of Britain’s overlook the annual check of their gas appliances. 

Gas leaks, fires, explosions, and carbon monoxide poisoning are results of poorly fitted gas appliances. So, it is important to check your appliances every year in order to protect yourself and other people from any mishap. 

What Happens In A Gas Safety Check?

You can expect the following in a gas safety check:

  • Test points on appliances are checked for standing and working pressure.
  • The pressure of the appliances burner pressure is checked and rated. All appliances are checked for correct ventilation.
  • Flue flow is tested to make sure products of combustion are safely removed.
  • Flame failure devices are checked for satisfactory operation.
  • Physical stability on free-standing appliances is checked for correct stability.
  • Investigations for any evidence of unsafe operation are made. If anything is found non-operational, it is reported.
  • If anything is installed incorrectly, installation errors are noted and advised for correct procedures.

After the inspection is completed, a recommendations summary is issued to you. 

We will tell you what the cause of electrical fires in homes is?

 A recent survey showed that faulty or damaged wiring and related electrical equipment cause 69 percent of electrical fires. We advise you to consult a professional to be in safe hands.

Top Electrical Safety Tips During a Gas Check 

  • Use correct wattage and watch out for overload.
  • Repair or change damaged electrical cords.
  • Keep your used lines tidy and unplug all the unused appliances.
  • Keep electrical devices and outlets safe from water.
  • Air calculation to avoid overheating of electrical 
  • outlets.
  • Follow instructions for improved electrical safety.

The gas boiler is a primary part of every property. The gas boiler needs to be handled with care and maintained regularly. We advise you to get your boiler and other tasks, including pipework, installing and maintaining systems used for sewage and drainage, by a certified gas-safe engineer before you move in. 

What Does A Gas Safe Plumber Work Include?

  • Combustion analysis
  • Check cookers and range cookers
  • Inspect gas boilers
  • Install pipework
  • Look for unvented and vented cylinders
  • Install and maintain water heaters

Gas Safety is Essential For Every Property 

The aforementioned facts prove that gas safety is a necessary thing. The high number of incidents needs to stop. Play your part and get your property checked by a Gas Safe engineer. If there is something you need to ask or want to add, feel free to reach out. 

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