All You Need to Know About the Gas Fireplaces

gas fireplace

Do you want a gas fireplace or an outdoor setting for your home? Or maybe you are interested in both!

Fireplaces have always been a top priority for the maximum of homeowners. And why not? Having a fireplace inside your home feels amazing and classy. Whether it is outside or inside, having one will make you feel amazing. But we have to accept the fact that fireplaces are very expensive.

Even if you go for installing one in your existing home or go for an outdoor setting, it will cost the same. And in addition to the cost, you have to work a lot while installing and maintaining it later. Having a fireplace may sound awesome, but it has its cons. But thanks to the modern-day options, which are convenient yet affordable.

So, the modern-day option we are talking about is called the gas fireplace. Apart from being inexpensive, there are various other reasons behind the popularity of these fireplaces nowadays. First of all, there is no actual combustion from the wood.

gas fireplace

In traditional fireplaces, both for an indoor and outdoor setting, woods are a must-have. But here, there is no need for woods because the combustion happens due to the supply of natural gas or propane. These fireplaces are zero clearance fireplaces, which means you can install them near any combustible walls or floors without any additional foundations or installations. Another feature of a gas fireplace is that they are multitasking. You can install the fireplace both inside your home and outside. If you choose an outdoor setting, add an outdoor pizza oven to it look more robust.

If you were confused between outdoor and indoor fireplaces due to the money factor, then surely gas fireplaces are the problem-solver. Due to these modern-day fireplaces, the traditional ones are near extinction. 

Types of Ventilation

You will generally find three types of ventilation options: natural vent, direct vent, and the most popular vent-free. Try to get the vent-free fireplace, and the reason is there will be no emission of smoke plus less cost required. The vent-free fireplaces are the most popular. But it all depends on you; after all, you are getting your affordable fireplace. You will find many companies providing you with gas fireplace both online and offline. You can get good facilities and offers from online companies, but check their customer reviews before choosing one. 

Benefits of a Gas Fireplace

As we talked about, the gas fireplaces are such a problem-solver and affordable; we should also dive into its other benefits. The benefits are the main reasons behind the popularity of these fireplaces:

  1. Convenience: The first and foremost benefit of the gas fireplace is that it is very convenient. You do not have to take much care of it and think about any problems you would have in the traditional ones. You do not have to clean the chimney; you do not have to think about the burning smell, and there is nothing to worry about the flooring. Convenience is one of the main essential reasons behind the popularity of the gas fireplace.
  2. Easy to Use: With traditional fireplaces, you had to work a lot, for example, from putting the woods to lighting it and giving a constant check to see whether the fire is still on. But in the gas fireplaces, all you have to do is turn the knob to the pilot option, push the pilot knob, which will allow the gas to pass, and then push the igniter button. Lighting the gas fireplace is so easy. Thus, it is better to get the gas fireplace rather than investing more in the traditional fireplace.
  3. Multi-Tasking: The best part is that you can put the modern gas fireplace in your outdoor setting with an efficient outdoor pizza oven. And turn it into an indoor fireplace, whenever you need. Thus, you can enjoy both a BBQ party outside and a warm cosy party inside, with the same fireplace.
  4. Ventilation-Free: Generally, we know that when there is a fireplace, we need proper ventilation. But have you heard about a vent-less fireplace? Modern gas fireplaces do not need any vents. These fireplaces are very easy to care for and easy to use. The vent-less gas fireplace operates with natural gas or propane, which flows from the gas burner mounted in the fireplace.
  5. Mess-Free: You will not find any mess from this particular fireplace, like ashes and the wood-burning smell which is very irritating. The furniture at your room can catch the burning smell and can lose the colour due to the ashes. Thus, you don’t have to clean anything and worry about the mess. You can enjoy the fireplace setting with your family and friends.
  6. No Use of Wood: No need for expensive woods. Woods for traditional fireplaces are very expensive. But, in gas fireplaces, woods are unnecessary. And, burning wood in a complete, authentic gas fireplace is hazardous. Thus, you are saving a lot of money.
  7. No Restrictions from Authorities: Some authorities restrict using traditional fireplaces because it releases really harmful and dark emissions that can cause problems to your family as well as neighbours. But you don’t have to think about any restrictions and issues with your family and neighbours with a suitable gas fireplace. You can even set the gas fireplace in an outdoor setting, as there will be no harmful emissions.
  8. Energy-Efficient: The gas fireplace is energy-efficient, like fifty to ninety-nine per cent. In contrast, the wood fireplace is ten to thirty per cent energy-efficient.
  9. Smog-Free: You will get clean-burning, unlike the traditional fireplace, which creates smog problems.
  10. Easy Installation: You can install the gas fireplaces almost everywhere. You won’t need anything extra for installing them, and they can put into tight places. 

So, the end note is that the modern-day gas fireplace is the best. It is convenient, easy to care for, affordable, and serves the purpose of both indoor and outdoor fireplaces. So, stop stressing yourself on whether to buy the gas fireplace or not. Gift yourself a gas fireplace for the perfect outdoor setting today.

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