The Ultimate G Suite Backup Guide

g suite backup

We will discuss the multiple reasons to take the backup of G Suite emails. Along with the manual methods, we will also introduce one G Suite Backup Solution which helps you to precisely create G Suite backup without the loss of single data. In the end, you will be able to judge better which way to go for protecting the G Suite data.

If we talk about G Suite or Workspace, it is among the most popular platform. It enables the user to easily work with their email account of the different desired domains. Actually, it’s a collection of various services which the individual user and corporate employees can use to improve their productivity.

Having so many advantages of the G Suite makes it an ideal emailing platform for many users. But there is some situation where the user data can also be compromised due to many instances. As there is a continuous increase in the cyber threat, the utility to protect data also increases. Many IT experts have said that users are only solely responsible for protecting their data. So in this write-up, we will emphasize some more reasons to backup data and the available approach.

Responsible Reasons for Initiating G Suite Backup Locally

Check out some known situations that insist users think of taking backup of the G Suite data into hard drive. A list of common reasons is as follows:

  • Accidental data deletion is one of the major incidents many users might face in their professional lives. To prevent the data loss situation creating a copy of the user data into the system makes sense.
  • G Suite outages sometimes create corruption in the user data. So it will be better to save the complete data into a reliable file format like Outlook PST.
  • Whenever any employee exits, before closing their account, the company must back up the data.
  • Third-party software downloaded from untrusted websites can also harm the G Suite data.

These are all major problems that G Suite users might face and to overcome quickly from such events taking regular backup through some leading G Suite backup solution is the pre-requisite. Now we will explore some free methods and the professional backup utility, which will help users create the backup of the data. 

What are the Limitations of Native Tool (Google Takeout) to backup G Suite Data?

A situation where Google Takeout Tools Fails: 

G Suite provides certain backup utilities like Google Takeout & vault, but these come with many limitations. If we particularly talk about Google Takeout, the user cannot run more than 3 backup jobs per day using this tool. One of the main drawbacks of this G Suite backup solution is that it can also fail even if the backup process is about to complete. The non-technical user will find various difficulties while performing the backup.

Google Takeout is also known to be having some glitches while taking backups. So as the companies have been growing, their requirement for data safety increases simultaneously. On the other hand, a professional G Suite backup solution will help achieve the required set of goals and provide ways to securely back up the company’s important data, and also allows restoring the data whenever the data loss situation arises. 

Trusted & Proficient Solution to backup G Suite Data

Various third-party solutions take responsibility for providing accurate results while taking backup, but not all of them have the same capabilities. We have tried software known as the Shoviv G Suite backup tool, which never disappoints us and provides the result quickly. This solution makes the G Suite backup process customizable. 

In layman’s terms, the software executes the backup task automatically without human supervision with the help of its backup scheduling option. Using this G Suite backup solution, the user can save the data associated with their G Suite accounts into file formats PST.

  • It is an efficient utility that makes it easier to schedule the backup of multiple G Suite user mailboxes at the same time.
  • This solution has an inbuilt incremental backup functionality which is the best part of the tool. It helps to limit the data duplication and resume the process of interruption that comes between the backup processes.
  • It is easier to restore multiple file formats like PST file formats into the user G Suite account.
  • The tool’s convenient user interface makes everyone comfortable while running the backup job.

The Bottom Line!

We have gone through some reasons that make it essential for the user to take their G Suite account back up. The first solution (Google Takeout) that we have covered has more drawbacks than advantages. Alternatively, the third-party G Suite Backup Solutions has been discussed, which proficiently handles the G Suite backup without any hiccups. Now it’s your call which solution to pick up for fulfilling your backup needs.