FUT Hair Transplant: Does It Help in Hair Loss?

Fut Hair

One of the major issues these days is the issue of hair loss. Hair loss can be from the head or the body. In previous times, hair loss was not common in people because of their healthy skin lifestyle. But now, due to the increased competition, the lifestyle of people has undergone a drastic change. People are busy earning money. In the wake of being ahead of others, their health is getting sacrificed.

Consequently, hair loss is bound to occur. But thanks to medical science. Owing to the medical science, hair transplant has evolved to treat hair loss. With an effective hair transplant, hair loss can be treated. In this article, you will get to know about the Fut hair transplant and its benefits. 

Causes of Hair Loss

1. There can be many reasons due to which people are complaining of hair loss. Before knowing about the FUT hair transplant, let’s look at the causes of hair loss. 

2. Hair loss can occur if a person is in the habit of pulling his hair. Pulling out of hair leads to thin hair and, ultimately, hair loss. 

3. Several medical conditions can also be responsible for hair loss. Medications like chemotherapy, HIV, malnutrition, and iron deficiency can lead to hair loss. If a person has cancer, then he has to undergo chemotherapy, which results in hair loss. 

4. Widespread pollution these days also results in hair loss. Many serious health problems tend to take place due to pollution. One of the issues is hair loss. Pollution damages the hair and halts the hair growth. 

5. Everyday challenges that people face leads to stress. Every person these days stays under stress, be it school-going children or an adult. Consequently, hair loss occurs. 

6. Hair loss can be hereditary too. It might be possible that a person gets the problem of hair loss from his family only. 

What is FUT Hair Transplant?

Fut hair transplantation is a type of surgery that is used to treat baldness. The surgeon extracts the hair follicles and inserts them where there is baldness. Previously it was ineffective. But with each passing day, it made progress and began to provide natural results. 

Procedure of Hair Transplant

Firstly, according to the baldness, follicles are extracted from the head. Then the surgeon inserts them where there is baldness. Usually, the treatment takes around 4-8 hours. Anesthesia is given before the treatment. The treatment provides a natural look. Usually, people can expect their results in 6-9 months. But in exceptional cases, results can take even a year to become visible. 

Advantages of treatment 

Numerous treatments are there to treat hair loss, but Fut hair transplant is best as it is effective and safe. 

Secondly, surgery time is also less. It only takes around 4 hours. At the same time, other treatments consume much of time. 

The third benefit of this treatment is its cost. It is cheap as compared to other treatments. 

People can easily afford the treatment as it does not lead to a financial burden. 

Side effects

There are chances that after the treatment, some scars can be seen. 

Bleeding can occur, but for a short while only. 

The color of hair can be different. There are chances that the treatment provides an artificial look. 

For some time after the treatment, the area can swell a bit. But it will be temporary only. 

A person can feel numbness. 


As such, there is no fixed cost. But on average, treatment cost ranges between $4000-$15000. Otherwise, transplant costs will depend on the surgeon and the procedure adopted. Some factors influence the cost of surgery. 

Firstly the amount of hair follicles getting transferred determines the cost of the surgery.  

Secondly, it depends on the experience of a surgeon. An experienced surgeon will always charge more for his service. 

Thirdly, it’s the location which decides the cost. Some places charge a high price as compared to others. 

Does insurance cover it?

Many people wonder if hair transplant surgery gets covered under insurance or not. The answer is no. It will not be covered under insurance because it is a cosmetic surgery and not an illness. In exceptional cases, like if your hair loss is due to some ailment like trauma or burns, then it will be covered by insurance. 


Fut hair transplant is effective and safe. One can resort to fut hair transplant to treat baldness. It will improve the personality of the person and will result in higher self-confidence. For the best hair transplant, one must visit Beverly hills hair restoration. 

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