Free Vs. Paid Web Hosting: Pros and Cons

Web hosting

The number of websites on the internet has been increasing day by day because of the people are moving towards online businesses. This is the best way to globalize your business and introduce it at the international level through a website. In addition, the competition has been increased among the web hosting companies especially among the companies that are in the reviews of leading web hosts by BigOfficer.

Furthermore, some of the web hosting companies provide free hosting services while others get the payment from the customers. Both companies are advantageous and disadvantageous up to some extent. The pros and cons of the free and paid web hosting companies are explained below to make people aware of it.

Free Web Hosting

You can get the free web hosting services from many free web hosts. However, you need to acknowledge the pros and cons of it before you go with the services. The pros and cons are as follows.


The significant advantage of getting the free web hosting service is that you do not need to spend money on the hosting services. It can be helpful for you to learn the process of hosting account and how to maintain a website on the web hosting account without spending money. The free web hosting companies also provide the free domain to the customers that can use to grab your visitors at a unique domain name and it will be a professional way for you to make a connection with your customers. The testing of some software script using the web hosting control panel can be most helpful for the customers without spending money.


Most of the free web hosting companies support ads on the websites being hosted on the web hosts. If you are running any non-profit organization on that website then, it may affect your visitors and harm your brand equity. Bandwidth and disk storage is limited on the free web hosting accounts, and web host may suspend your mind when you upload huge files. You may also have to face the speed and performance issues on the free web hosting accounts.

Paid Web Hosting

You can get thousands of paid web hosting companies that are offering unique and useful features to the customers. There are also some advantages and disadvantages of getting a paid web host.


You will get amazing services and features guaranteed by the company to serve you. Get the disk space and bandwidth that is offered in the hosting package. You will get the overall control of the website, and no ads can be added on your site by the company. The digital marketing and SEO of the website will be quicker, and the company may give you a free SSL certificate for the security of the site.


The disadvantage is that it will be paid for you and if you do not need any specifications or you just want to test something then, it will be expensive and useless for you.

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