Which Fragrance Is The Best For Your Personality?


What does perfumes have to do with fragrance personality? Well, there is a strong connection! Will an intensely floral perfume fascinate you if you are not much feminine? NO! A perfume might not have the desired appeal on you if it doesn’t fit your personality right.

Being attracted to certain scents reflects a number of essential attributes about a person. It’s a question of who you are on the inside and how you express that on the outside through your image and style.

For example, I am a big fan of Dolce & Gabbana Perfume because they blend in well with my joyous personality.

Therefore, choosing the right perfume does not mean just picking up the latest trending perfume at the store. You have to keep in mind your lifestyle, likes and loves.

Perfume Personalities

Choosing a perfume is not easy; there is a HUGE variety of scents. Imagine getting lost into the intense mixture of different fragrance in the perfume store! Yes, it is as overwhelming as it sounds. But it becomes easier if you put them under a few broad categories.

Find out which category of perfumes is right for the kind of person you are!

· Floral

Are you the center of attention in a gathering, the life of every party or just a lively soul in general? A person whose presence lifts up the entire room? If yes, floral fragrance are the best pick for you to represent your aura.

Floral fragrance are ideal for the hopelessly romantic souls. They go the best with a classic, traditional dressing style.

In short, go for the floral scents because they exude feminine, friendly, and carefree vibes. Justify your outburst of energy with the beautiful notes of Jasmine, rose, iris and lily of the valley. They will be the perfect companion for your day-dreams.

·  Fresh

To all the chilled-out people, this one is for you! People who are always up for fun! You know how to enjoy without being loud and flashy. The best part about you? You do not have to make an effort to look cool; your quirky sense of humor and vigor for life proves it all! You are the complete opposite of a dull and boring personality.

If you can relate to above description, then this is it! You have a cool & sporty personality. Light, airy and shower-fresh fragrance will smell divine on you!

· Oriental

Bold, dramatic and exciting, you are totally in control of yourself! Such people remain a mystery, not many people can decipher them. Your strong presence in a room demands attention in a subtle way. Even your dressing style is ultra-expressive – bright colors, sharp lines and prominent design and accessories. With your passionate personality comes a dangerous dare-devil side. All in all, you are the epitome of confidence and sophistication.

The right word to describe such a personality? Intense!

If the above characteristics define you, choose oriental fragrance like opulence in the form of musk, cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla and animal scents. These exotic scents will match the level of your intensity perfectly, taking you away to faraway forgotten lands.

· Woody

Woody scents are a blessing for all the nature lovers out there! Just a whiff of these fresh chypre scents is enough to make you fall in love with Mother Earth all over again.

People who fall into this category are free-spirited and self-assured. They know what they want and have the will-power to go get it! Plus, being a nature lover is also a sign of a deeply compassionate character. Additionally, the preferred dressing style of such individuals is relaxed, comfortable and practical.

Having such traits of warmth and affection means you will love woody perfumes! Try out the notes of zesty citrus, lavender, sweet spices and oriental woods, harmonies of cedar, patchouli, pine, sandalwood and vetiver.

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