How to Fix Most Common Mobile Phone Problem

Malfunctioning technology could be frustrating, especially if it’s your mobile phone. There are times when we wish we didn’t have to deal with basic mobile phone issues like bad battery life, limited storage capacity, broken screen, and so on. 

But, thankfully, typical mobile phone issues may be resolved in a few minutes with Doorstep Mobile Repair or you can even try fixing it by yourself.

In this article, we’ll go through a variety of common smartphone troubles and offer the fastest fixes for them.

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Mobile Phone Problems & How to Fix?

We chose these issues from the bunch because they are the ones you are most likely to encounter when tangled up with your little pocket machine.

  • Poor battery life
  • Mobile Phone Screen Problem
  • Phone Got Shower/Lagging
  • Phone refuses to turn on or charge
  • The camera is blurry
  • Hardware flaws

Now, may we look into them and their potential solutions?

Poor battery life

We can’t help but notice how lovely it is to go all day without being bothered by the low battery alert.

While your battery specifications have much to do with having a long battery life, it all comes down to how you use your phone – especially the screen and any other activities that may occur.

Begin by decreasing the brightness of the screen. Swiping down twice from the top of your phone screen should bring up the brightness slider in Quick Settings. The brighter your phone’s screen, the quicker it depletes its battery.

You may also activate Adaptive Brightness if you don’t want to continue changing the brightness in every lighting scenario. This automatically adjusts the brightness of your screen depending on the lighting conditions in your present surroundings. Adaptive Brightness (A) may be found next to the brightness slider or by going to Settings > Display > Adaptive Brightness. Reduce your screen timeout while you’re at it to guarantee your display isn’t using unnecessary battery power while you’re not using it.

Furthermore, if your phone has an AMOLED display – and runs Android 10 or above, using Dark Theme is another solid technique to limit how much power your screen consumes.

Finally, if your battery is still dying quickly, you can see whether your phone’s battery needs to be replaced or not. For that, you can get mobile repair at home in Delhi at an affordable price by RepairBuy.

Mobile Phone Screen Problem

  • Frozen phone screen
  • Vertical lines on the screen
  • Zoomed in iPhone screen
  • Flickering screen
  • Completely dark screen
  • Touch screen glitches

Click here to read in detail: Mobile Phone Screen Problem

Phone Got Shower/Lagging

For the majority of us, a slow-running phone is akin to having a horrible day. But since you’re here, that shouldn’t be the case.

In most circumstances, repairing a slow-running phone entails using the majority of the earlier and later techniques in this article. These include clearing up phone storage, removing unnecessary applications, decreasing background processes and apps, and so on.

There’s one more thing: changing your phone’s animation length will significantly speed up your phone.

You won’t be able to lower the length of your phone’s animations through the device settings app; instead, you’ll need to go into the developer options to see the small trick. This is how.

First, enable Developer option:

  • Go to the Settings menu.
  • Go to My Phone (or System About Phone, depending on your OEM’s preference).
  • Then, locate the Build number tab and touch it seven times.
  • You will be prompted to confirm your screen lock. Confirm it and wait for your new trick to be tested.

Now, it’s time to reduce the animation speed:

  • Return to the main Settings page and pick
  • From there, choose Developers.
  • Continue scrolling down until you reach the “Drawing” section.
  • You should notice “Transition animation” under it.
  • Change their settings to “Animation 0.5x” by tapping them one after the other.
  • Your smartphone should now feel more responsive. You may alternatively change the animation scale to “Animation off,” however this would eliminate all animations from your phone.

Meanwhile, if you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t mess with the development settings. Playing with the incorrect parameters may have an impact on your user experience.

Phone refuses to turn on or charge

A smartphone that won’t power on or charge is another worst-case scenario. No matter how hard you try, the phone stays stupid, as worthless as a piece of brick.

When confronted with such a predicament, however, you do not need to panic. You must troubleshoot two issues: the charger/charging port and the phone itself.

To begin, learn how to clean the charging port. To remove the trash within the charging port, you’ll need to buy a toothpick. When the charging port is defective, your phone may not charge. But cleaning it gently could fix the problem.

After that, you’ll want to double-check your charger’s functionality before leaving your phone to charge for a long. If the battery was down to zero before, it may take some time to recharge. So, leave it to charge while you go about your business.

If it doesn’t work, see our detailed tutorial on how to repair a dead Android phone that won’t charge or turn on.

The camera is blurry

Many people’s digital cameras have been supplanted by cellphones, which is obvious. However, it may be rather annoying to find your phone shooting lousy images unexpectedly.

When this occurs, your phone’s camera lens (glass) may get filthy. All you need to do is take a soft cloth and clean the camera glass.

If cleaning the lens does not solve the issue, it is time to get a mobile repair service.

Hardware flaws

The last frequent smartphone issue we’ll discuss is hardware flaws. These include issues such as low battery life, a damaged screen, hardware sound issues, broken camera lenses, and many more.

As you are probably aware, these are not challenges that you can resolve on your own. To remedy the difficulties, you must locate the official repair center for your brand.

Doorstep Mobile Repair can Your Problem

After all, you can’t solve every smartphone issue by yourself. Some difficulties, particularly hardware and software concerns, need the intervention of a skilled specialist. This is where “mobile repair online” comes in.

RepairBuy offers technical support services for all types of mobile. Always available to assist you with your phone troubles, both offline and online.

Whether it’s a software issue or a hardware problem like a cracked screen, a damaged battery, overheating, and so on, our professional will assist you in resolving it as soon as possible. 

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