Five Emerging Career Paths for Future IT Aspirants in 2023

Five Emerging Career Paths for Future IT Aspirants in 2023

The new year is around the corner. We are exactly just a few days away from the first dawn of 2023. It’s the right time to evaluate your career-related goals and stay focused on the same.  

Currently, IT has taken the world by storm. IT is essential in all walks of life. The demand for AI, ML, and networking professionals has risen like never before. However, you should know that the mere possession of a graduation and postgraduation degree won’t help. You must have relevant skills and certifications to get a good job.

If you are a recent graduate or postgraduate, pursuing a career paths for future IT course can be the best option for you in 2023.

Here are the five best emerging career paths for future IT aspirants:

Alternative Energy Expert Or Consultant

In the last few years, people have become more energy conscious. Now, a lot of companies are working towards finding a sustainable solution for people’s ever-growing energy needs.

It has led to several innovations in the energy sector. According to IRENA (The International Renewable Energy Agency), the renewable energy sector or alternative energy industry hired over 11 million people in 2018. Thus, there is a constant demand for professionals in this niche.

You can work as an electrical engineer, ecologist, geologist, and technician in this industry. If you are interested, complete a certification program in alternative energy for a lucrative career paths for future It .

Network Professionals

As more and more companies have started using the latest networking devices and tools in their office set-up, it has increased the demand for certified networking professionals. They can ensure seamless connectivity and round-the-clock network security.

These days, most companies prefer hiring networking professionals with CCIE certification and practical skills. That’s why it’s vital to take admitted to a good institute and undergo a relevant networking program.

At present, Gurgaon-based Network Bulls is considered the leading CISCO-certified training institute, which imparts several job-oriented courses for graduates and postgraduates in any discipline.

If you are a graduate and want to do something big in networking, join Network Bulls. It offers 100% job-guaranteed course in CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure and CCIE V6 Security Integrated Training Course. As soon as you complete either of the course, you get placed at a top-notch company within the salary bracket of Rs. 5-7 lakh PA. You can take a look at the future of network professionals in this blog.

Course to Do: CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure or V6 Security Program from Network Bulls, Gurgaon, India.

ML (Machine Learning) Expert

Machine learning is a branch of AI, which makes use of big data and complex algorithms to feed necessary commands and directions to a machine. The use of ML is evident in digital voice assistants and IVR.

Through ML, engineers can ask machines to perform like humans. Some of the major programs that ML engineers supervise are image recognition, NLP (natural language processing), and economic forecasting. The idea is to let machines perform all these tasks with limited human interference.

Course to Do: MSC in AI/ ML from IIIT Bangalore

UX Designer

Earlier, the concept of UX design was literally non-existent. It was the responsibility of a website developer to enhance user experience. But now, UX designing, graphic designing, and web development are three interrelated disciplines but not the same.

UX designer makes sure that the software, website, and apps that the company develops should meet the expectations of the consumers. It is important for UX professionals to make user-friendly apps and software tools that enhance the user experience.

A user-friendly app or software product is fast, easy to operate, and visually attractive.

Course to Do: A PG Certificate Program in Visual Design and User Experience from IIT Hyderabad.

Cloud Engineer

Cloud engineers are professionals who have expertise in cloud computing. Since a lot of work has gone remote now, cloud computing has become more essential than ever.  

Several organizations are now migrating processes and implementing necessary infrastructure-related changes for ensuring proper cloud-related tasks.

Cloud engineers are also known as solutions architects, cloud developers, and cloud professionals. The overall responsibility of a cloud engineer is to manage and meticulously ensure the safety of an organization’s cloud system.    

Course to Do: MSc in Computer Science at Wits University

In Conclusion

In today’s era, there is no dearth of IT courses. You can do any course of your choice. It’s because each course has its own pros and job advantages. However, before pursuing a certification program, make sure that the course is likely to stay relevant for the next few decades or so.

It’s always better to study a career paths for future IT certification program in some of the emerging disciplines as mentioned above. If you have any apprehension or dilemma relating to an IT course or program, you should contact Network Bulls at 1800-313-2545 for more details.