Five costly car rental mistakes

car rental mistakes

Traditionally, being associated with travelers, renting automobiles has now become a common practice among local neighbourhood residents. Now day’s vehicles are not only being hired to execute transportation needs, but also to enjoy a ride on a luxury car of your choice. Wide varieties of most expensive models to affordable but comfortable autos are available at vendor outlets. After considering your needs, budget and the total number of commuters, you can pick the most suitable for you. Although, it is not always necessary to avail this service, arranging suitable transportation becomes mandatory if you have decided to explore the neighbourhoods and the landscape of the territory you have visited. You can’t always trust on taxis, buses or metros, as they are not always available and accessible. 

Here I am sharing few common mistakes usually, people are prone to make while renting a car

Purchasing insurance when it’s not required 

If you own a personal car, you must have bought an auto insurance policy to cover the probable damages in case of accidents. In that case, check your policy first to find whether it is offering coverage to rental autos or not, most of the auto insurance companies provide complete accidental coverage not only for personally owned vehicles but also for rental autos. Moreover, if you are using your credit card to pay your car rental, then check in advance for auto insurance coverage. If you already own any of these insurance policies, there is no need to buy an extra from the vendor.

Prepaying for gas

If a company is giving you the option to prepay for the gas, be ready to pay for a full tank. No matter you are going to utilize the full tank or not. Try to fill up the fuel tank on your own, as you may easily find fuel at cheaper rates in the nearby pump station. Also, never return an auto with an empty tank, as vendors will add hefty amounts in the final bills.  Act sensibly to avoid useless expenses. 

Limiting you to explore the options

Spend some time in research to explore the service rates of different companies. Searching and comparing several vendors is not only necessary to find the suitable rates, but it is also necessary to check their policies about the mileage limits. There are companies that might allow you to drive as much as needed, whereas others may not restrict you to cross the mileage limit. In case you are leasing for a longer duration, prefer the vendor with unlimited mileage. 

Availing extras like car seats and GPS

Probably you are traveling with your family and might need a car seat for your toddler; it is suggested to carry your own seat while tripping. When you are availing such extras you are actually adding up amounts in the final bills. GPS is another most commonly availed service while renting a vehicle in a foreign country. Perhaps, you are visiting a country for the first time and don’t want yourself to get lost in the unknown street. If you are frequently traveling abroad it’s better to buy your own GPS gadget and upload maps of destinations so that you can save some money. 

Not benefiting with club memberships

Club memberships are very beneficial for those who are traveling a lot for business purposes. Club members do not only benefit with discounts but also let them enjoy the fastest delivery of the vehicle. 

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