First Vending Machine in the USA for the Sale of Chewing Gums

first vending machine in USA

It might sound hilarious, but yes, that’s what the first vending machine in USA was used for! Although the system was in use in England, nothing like that happened on a commercial level.

In 1888, United States introduced vending machines for commercial purposes for the first time. The aim was to expand the sales of chewing gums at places where it was impossible to sell the gums. The sales department was no doubt active at that time, but due to lack of resources and unawareness, people had no idea what chewing gum was all about.

The next stage came with a penny-candy vending machine. This machine is still in use at different assembly points, public places, stations, and airports. As the economy grew, more challenges showed up like employee efficiency and food production. Then was the time when it was suggested that people need to have some sort of refreshment or the productivity of the employees will be reduced. To solve that, vending machines were proved to be the most favorable option in everyone’s eyes.

Importance of a Vending Machine

For a long time, vending machines have been a popular convenience item in US-based companies. They provide staff and guests with a convenient and quick way to get food and beverages while on the go. Vending machines are getting even more handy as they now accept cashless payments. If an office does not currently have a vending machine, now is the time to consider it as a handy service for the staff and guests.

What Does a Vending Machine Offer?

Many people are unsure about selecting food and beverages to put in their vending machines. Of course, one has to select some popular snacks that will fulfill the refreshment needs of the employees.

Some common beverages and snacks a vending machine has are as follow:


Snack vending machines are used by many companies to provide onsite snack options for staff and consumers. However, they overlook the significance of providing beverages as well. The most profitable category for vending machine products is beverages. People want to make sure a vending machine has a range of drink selections, just like the food alternatives. Caffeinated and non-caffeinated beverages, carbonated and non-carbonated drinks, and sweet and non-sweet drinks are all acceptable.

Check out the top beverages.

  • Bottled Water / Mineral Water
  • Cold Coffee
  • Energy Drinks / Sodas
  • Gatorade
  • Soda / Diet Soda
  • Unsweet / Sweet Tea
  • Black / Green Tea


To accommodate a wide range of staff tastes, it’s critical to stock the vending machine with a selection of food. Keep in mind that if one does not have time to stop for lunch, some folks may use a snack vending machine for a fast, nutritious bite on the move. Others might crave a delicious treat throughout the day. Snacks that are good for you are popular, so don’t forget to include them!

Here are some of the most famous snacks that vending machines offer.

  • Chex Mix
  • Granola Bar
  • Kind Kar
  • Pretzels
  • Snickers Bar
  • Sun Chips

Advantages of Vending Machine

While a vending machine has so far didn’t give any space for complaint, experts recommend having a vending machine at the workplace. The following benefits are given below:

Low Overheads

Vending machines do not require any more personnel, thus there are no additional salaries to pay. It also means you won’t have to pay any of the additional expenses that come with hiring people. Businesses may save up to £30,000 per year by employing a vending solution rather than completely staffing a cafeteria, based on typical UK salaries.

Then there’s the matter of the cost of running a cafeteria. Despite the fact that vending machines may operate 24 hours a day, they only consume a tiny amount of power. Your company’s overheads will be reduced as a result of this.


A vending machine requires minimal to no maintenance after it is installed. Especially if you use an operated vending model, which ensures that your shelves are frequently restocked with the best-selling items. Payment choices are getting more simplified, with contactless payment and Apple pays solutions making it even easier to buy a snack on the move.

If you choose a managed vending service, you won’t have to worry about filling and maintaining your machine. You can relax knowing that it’s being handled by a team of experts who understand what people in your demographic like to eat and drink.

Revenue Generation

The activity of vending machines is fairly consistent and compatible. When you combine this with their cheap overhead, you may discover that your vending machine is a viable revenue source. You should also think about the money you’ll save by not having to maintain a cafeteria or supply snacks and beverages.

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