What factors indicate that your car needs exhaust service?

exhaust service

Modern-day cars consist of various parts which are related to each other. The working of these parts is synchronizing. Therefore, they must perform adequately for a smooth and safe drive. Cars run on an internal combustion engine where many explosions happen when you turn on the engine. These explosions provide the necessary moment to the Crankshaft, which in turn moves the car. These lots of explosions generate a lot of exhaust gases or flue gases. These flue gases are then released into the atmosphere with the help of an exhaust system. The car Exhaust repair system plays a significant role today and is loaded with advanced technology. The exhaust system reduces the temperature of these flue gases and makes them safe to release into the atmosphere. It also helps you improve fuel efficiency by measuring the oxygen level in the flue gases. Therefore, it becomes essential to maintain the exhaust service system of a car from the exhaust service shop.

Factor that indicate that your car needs exhaust Service

Here are some factors which can indicate that your exhaust needs repair.

Fuel efficiency:

The modern-day exhaust system monitors the oxygen level present in the flue gases, which means the engine processor determines how much oxygen is required for burning the fuel. If your oxygen sensor fails, then the engine processor may not set the appropriate fuel to air ratio, which will cause unburned fuel to pass to the exhaust system and then into the air. And thereby, your fuel efficiency will reduce. A car’s fuel economy may also reduce if a fuel system is partially blocked or has a leak.


 Suppose you noticed a vibration on your accelerator pedal, car seat, or steering wheel. It may be most likely due to an issue or problem with your exhaust system. Most likely due to a rusty exhaust system, this problem is very common in the car, which takes short trips. Due to short trips, the exhaust pipe does not get enough temperature to evaporate the water, which then causes corrosion of the pipe. If your exhaust system has any leakage, you can also experience vibration. The only solution is to have your car exhaust service.

Engine noise:

There can be numerous reasons for the noise of the engine. However, the most common and popular is due to the failure of your exhaust system. An exhaust leak may cause a rumbling sound synchronized with vehicle RPM. The most common area for the leaks is the exhaust system’s various joints, which get corroded over time. There is also a health concern as harmful gases may enter the cabin.

The missing sounds:

If you hear a missing sound every time you start your car, it may be due to car exhaust system leakage. Generally, the exhaust manifold’s gasket experiences the problems that cause the hissing sound near the engine. We strongly recommend that you avoid driving your car and better get it repaired by the best mechanics in Perth.

Gas Smell:

If you start smelling the gas inside your car’s cabin, it is due to a problem with your exhaust system. Either one of the exhaust pipes or tube may be damaged, which causes the gas to leak from that place and enter the cabin. If you are experiencing these problems, you should not ignore them but get them rectified by the most and the best mechanics in Perth.

Indian Lights:

As already said, modern cars are loaded with various technologies. Therefore, they can indicate problems associated with your vehicle. You should never ignore the check engine lights for the exhaust system that pumps on your dashboards. It may indicate some significant issues that may be dangerous. So it is advisable to have an expert exhaust car mechanic inspect your vehicle as soon as possible to avoid any future problems.

Burning Smell:

If there is a burning smell coming out of your car, there is a problem with your exhaust system. Either your gasket has failed, or any leakage near the engine. There is also a good chance that the plastic part may have burned due to the heat coming from the exhaust gases. If you witness white smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe, get your car exhaust service repaired before driving, as it may be dangerous.


Corrosion is one of the most common problems that cause damage to the exhaust system. Every time you start your car, the exhaust pipe heats up. When they cool down, they attract moisture which causes corrosion of the pipeline and damages the exhaust system.

To avoid this, you must not use your vehicle for a short trip and do a physical verification regularly.

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