Explain the Reasons Behind Dandruff Hair Loss and Treatments

dry scalp hair loss

Dandruff is a common condition that is related to hairs. It can occur due to many reasons such as dry skin, use of bad hair products, diet, and even stress. However, many people correlate it with hair loss. So, if you have dandruff, then you might also have a question in mind. “Can dandruff cause hair loss?” This is a common confusion that comes to mind for each person suffering from this situation. But, hair loss is not a direct source of dandruff. For comprehensive information, read the article carefully.

How can dandruff result in hair loss?

Well, it is mentioned above that dandruff is not directly related to hair loss. It is the small pieces of dead scalp skin that look like powder. But, when it is left untreated for a longer period, it can damage hair follicles. It causes sharp itching on the scalp that leads to scratching of the skin with nails. Therefore, the follicles could become weaker that leads to hair fall. So, it is not right to say that dandruff is fully responsible for hair loss. Consistent scratching of the scalp can also cause redness and inflammation of the scalp. It can make the condition worse that need immediate medical assistance.

Possible Reasons for Dandruff and Hair loss

Well, losing 50 to 100 strands on a daily basis for individuals is a normal range. But, if it is more than normal, then medical intervention is necessary. You probably are coping with uncertainty in the back-end of your mind about how can dandruff cause hair loss? But, it does not make clear until you know other possible causes such as:

Scalp Psoriasis

It is also known as an autoimmune disorder. In this condition, the immune system attacks its own cells in the body. It can lead to the overdevelopment of cells into the scalp. Therefore, it can cause red and patchy skin on the head that can cause dandruff and itching.


It is a fungal infection that can cause excess dryness in the scalp. The possible reason for dry scalp hair loss is ringworm that can lead to baldness as well.

Scalp Inflammation

People commonly relate this condition to dandruff. It causes itchy skin that makes for scratching. Hardcore scratching can lead to the destruction of hair follicles that leads to hair loss.

Androgenic alopecia

It is the condition of male and female pattern baldness. People suffering from this condition can get massive hair fall due to dandruff.

Contact Dermatitis

It is a condition that can cause sensitivity to the ingredients in the products. The use of shampoo, hair dye, or hair color can have ingredients that can cause such conditions. It will make your scalp red and can cause flakes.

These are the possible reasons for dandruff hair loss. If you are suffering from one of these conditions, consulting a dermatologist is crucial. There are several treatments that can prevent dandruff from causing dry scalp hair loss.

What is the purpose of dandruff preventing treatment?

Well, it is obvious to take action to prevent the loss of hair due to dandruff. The major objective behind this is to protect the health of hair follicles. The primary cause of hair fall can lead to baldness if left untreated. The hair surgeon will recommend you use treatment that can reduce itching in the scalp. Thus, it prevents you from scratching and protects the hair follicles.

Let’s take a look at possible treatments below.

Medicated shampoo

Your dermatologist might recommend the use of some medicated shampoos. These products have ingredients that can target the affected areas to kill the infection. They can further stop the growth of dandruff and prevent itching.

Pyrithione zinc shampoo

It is an anti-bacterial shampoo that can kill bacterial infections in the scalp. Regular use will result in a reduction of itchiness, flakes, and fungus.

Salicylic acid shampoo

It can prevent the dry scalp hair loss condition to a significant extent.

Add moisture

Along with the use of medicated shampoos, you must also add moisture to your scalp. There are several products available that can give good moisture to the scalp. Use coconut oil to massage the scalp as it can nourish the hair well. It can also give strength to hair follicles that can prevent hair from falling in excess.

Will hair loss due to dandruff grow back?

Yes, it can grow back naturally. But, you might need to wait longer for the follicles to grow new strands. However, dandruff hair loss will not make you completely bald. It can affect a particular area of your head. So, if you want to treat it speedily, then hair restoration is a viable solution. You can get it done with the help of a professional cosmetic surgeon.

To Wrap up

Several scalp conditions can be confused with dandruff hair loss. But it is not directly linked to this condition. However, if you have a doubt, visit the hair specialist to get the best treatment. You must take care of the scalp to prevent excess hair fall in the future.

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