Everything to know about corel draw


It is a program software for editing vector graphics. Vector graphics are created in packages and can be edited separately, every size, color and shape can be edited differently. 

It allows the user to add special effects, such as borders to images, it even helps adjusting contrasts, adjustments. It is one of the most sophisticated app to edit and create graphics 

corel draw



It is one of those applications which allow users to develop images, graphics, texts and photos.


It provides user series of tools to modify shapes and colors accurately and offers them personalized color separations 


CoralDraw supports many file formats, it helps edit them and modify them. 


It helps users to modify, manipulate using geometric commands.


The software offers 1000 typefaces and postscripts


It, due to its varieties of tools, stands out from other programs, with its inclusiveness of every aspect since it holds a significant place in the industry.


Do you like capturing moments? And want to  let everyone know about them? Try enhancing your pictures before it by using coreldraw, it offers a number of tools.  If you want to try being a designer and have a seed of creativity you should surely opt for CorelDRAW.

Versatility of this app makes it the most used software by photographers all over the world.This helps reduce the editing time to almost half. This is most favoriter applications for glossy magazines as it helps remove all the blemishes from the models body. It adjusts the software according to the users requirement and you need to buy the software and install to use.  If you are having a hard time in using corel draw, then try out Corel Draw Institute in Vadodara or find institutes that provide training related to corel draw. Knowing your purpose and motive is important before installing cause you should know which corel product you need. As long as print media is available corel draw will be needed.     


Pick  tool

It is a select tool which acts like a move tool, it lets you resize, broaden, narrow or create a mirror image.

Shape tool

When you select the shape or part it creates nodes and handles for you to create the object more curved into smudge, smear etc.

Crop tool 

As the name says it helps you cut the images, texts into desired shape.

Zoom tool

It helps the user to zoom in any image or shape or text in a very enlarged form and help them edit it efficiently.

Freehand tool

This works as a magic wand in coreldraw as it lets the user draw and create whatever they want in whichever way they want. 

Artistic media tool

To create a calligraphy or graffiti effect on your picture this tools help as it works as spray pen/tool 

Rectangle tool 

This helps you create a rectangle and even it has a three dot option which helps you create a quick rectangle.

Ellipse tool

It helps you create  elliptical circle and even have  three dot feature just as rectangle to create a quick shape 

Polygon tool

Polygon tool is to create shapes with more than 4 sizes but with advanced features of corel draw it helps you with readymade shapes like, banner, arrow, spiral, star etc.

Text tool

This tool helps you to create text boxes and characters, you can use the sidebar tools to change the text properties, you can even add tables.

Parallel dimension  tool

It helps the architect and engineers to get a great help from this tool to get and dimension look for their creation.

Straight line connector tool 

This tool helps in connecting different sides of shape or angles to keep shape different

Drop shadow tool

It is one of the effect giving tools which helps to emboss, bevel the selected shape.

Eyedropper tool

This helps you choose the color and even you can choose the thickness and size and many attributes you and then copy it for your shape.

Interactive fill tool 

This tool helps you create grids around the shape and you can add colors or shading according 

Small fill tool 

It is very similar to the color bucket of ms paint, it is very quick and easy to use.


Be it your own project or something your business needs, corel draw is suitable for everyone. For everyone who wants to do graphic designing should be familiar with corel draw. For graphic novel artists or comic books makers can use corel draw as a tool because of its varieties of tools and options available. With its in product learning corel draw is good for even novices.

Corel draw trainee can work as

Work as professional

You can easily go and work as a print media artist. They can easily work parallely with the creative team of the organization, with this you can grow your profile and work for the long run.

Work as freelancer

With the right skills and talent, a corel draw artist can try choosing the house they want to work and projects they want to work on when they are not comfortable to work regular office hours.

Get into academics 

You can get into academics and make your career as an corel artist exclusive, you can teach new individuals and train them the art of corel draw

Start your agency

Once you get a good profile you can start your own agency and be your own boss, you can create your  own brand name by your own work 

Conclusion OF COREL DRAW

Due to its friendly UI(user interface) it helps in learning quickly. For novices it shows a beautiful layout which helps them create beautiful illustrations and for professionals it has amazing options to create awestruck pictures/designs. Many high definition printing printers support corel format. It is an excellent vector designing software, works amazing for comic, graphic novels maker and glossy magazine works. Be it a novice or professional this software is user friendly and easy to learn and apply.