5 Essential Men’s Ethnic Wear Pieces Every Wardrobe Needs

long kurta for men

Ethnic wear of men is a timeless and versatile choice of clothing that allows them to show their tradition and personal style. Having a well-maintained collection of men’s ethnic wear is essential for every men’s wardrobe. Because you can style your ethnic collection on various occasions like cultural events, festivals, or family events. In this article, We will explore some must-have collections of men’s ethnic wear including shirts, long kurtas, and short kurtas, and provide a guideline on how to style them for various occasions. 

Ethnic Shirt:

A classic ethnic shirt is a piece of clothing that can easily elevate any outfit. The fine detailing and complex detailing used in the production of these shirts give them a beautiful and rich appearance. You can easily pair your ethnic shirt with jeans or trousers for a casual or semi-formal look. or you can style them with traditional dhoti or pajama for a more traditional and formal look. 

Long Kurta

Long kurta for men is perfect for a range of occasions. They are typically knee-length or a little longer. You can style your long kurta with churidars and dhotis for the ethnic look and if you want to try a fusion look then you can style your long kurta with jeans. If you are going to a wedding or a festival then go with a long kurta with vibrant color and rich fabrics like silk or brocade While lighter fabrics like linen or cotton are great for casual gatherings or daytime events. 

Short Kurta

Short kurtas offer a fashionable and casual take on ethnic wear. They are shorter in length and usually end around the waist. Short kurtas are usually more comfortable to wear than long kurtas. You can pair your short kurta with jeans or chinos for a more relaxed and stylish look you can pair it with shorts. They are perfect for summer weddings, outdoor events, or even a casual day out with friends. You can also experiment with vibrant prints, embroidery, or fabrics to add a touch of uniqueness to your outfit. 

Nehru Jacket

A Nehru jacket is a layering piece that can instantly elevate your ethnic look. You can style these Nehru jackets with shirts, short kurtas, and long kurt for men. Keep in mind that you opt for a color or design that complements your overall outfit and give you a stylish look. These jackets are perfect for weddings, family functions, or cultural events.

Ethnic Footwear

It is also important that you complete your outfit with perfect footwear that complements your style. For this you can go for traditional Indian footwear like juttis, mojaris, or kolhapuris these will add a touch of authenticity to your outfit. This footwear comes in different designs and colors which make them suitable for various occasions. 


It is important that you make a versatile collection of men’s ethnic wear because it helps men to show their individuality. The five essential pieces which are mentioned above- ethnic shirt, long kurta for men, short kurta, Nehru jacket, and ethnic footwear-provide a solid foundation for well rounded ethnic wardrobe for men. All you need is that you to learn how to style them on different occasions and express your style. And last thing don’t forget to experiment with colors, prints, and accessories to create a unique and stylish look that reflects your personality. 

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