2021 is on the verge of the end. So, have you visualized your resolutions and goals for the upcoming 365 days?  If so, then this time don’t forget to pay special attention to your oral health as well. Particularly, when it comes to dental prosthetics and implantation. Today, dental prosthetics are a common procedure that entails an installation of a functional tooth in place of one that has been extracted. This wasn’t common until implant procedures and atraumatic dental implant instruments were introduced.

Before an implant can be placed into the dental cavity, the socket needs to be prepared. Atraumatic removal has a huge impact on how well an extraction site heals. This is connected to the extraction process, the tools used, and the technique applied by the surgeon.

Dental instruments have a lot to do with the complete procedure. Well-crafted precision tools with ergonomic grips ensure a clean removal that later ensures a completely healed base of the dental pocket.

dental implant instruments

What is a dental implant?

This surgical procedure falls under the umbrella of prosthetic dentistry. This entails the placement of an artificial tooth root into the jawbone. This acts as a foundation for the prosthetic tooth that will be placed there.

In most implant procedures a small screw-like fixture is attached to the base of the root. Dentists place an artificial tooth that functions and appears the same as a natural tooth. The fixture bonds the rest of the tooth with the bone keeping it stable for its usable life.

When are dentures necessary?

After the removal of an infected or impacted tooth, an implant can be placed for proper function. There are a few ways it can be fixed. Bridges, crowns, or dentures are also possible solutions. However, implants are a long-term solution. Leaving a gap in the teeth can pose further repercussions that may lead to loss of more teeth or oral problems. How soon you can get an implant depends on the extraction site’s condition.

Surgery and prosthodontics

Successful implantation and overall oral health are highly dependent on the effectiveness of the surgical procedure. However, there are several dental implant instruments used during the procedure that leads up to an implant.

Following is a list of dental implant surgical instruments used to first extract and then place the new tooth.


The first stage of the implant process is the removal of the tooth. This may include the use of elevators to first loosen the tooth from the base. And remove it carefully without damaging the surrounding gingiva and bone. Dental surgeons use different variations of this instrument, depending on the placement and condition of the damaged impacted tooth. A surgeon may use an apex elevator, apical, Barry, Bein, Bernard, or a Flohr elevator to luxate the tooth and then remove it.

Dental Extraction Forceps

These are grasping tools that hold the tooth before it can be pulled. These aren’t necessarily essential as some luxation instruments can be used to pull the tooth out. However, dental surgeons are responsible to prevent trauma to the extraction site and the surrounding area. Therefore, dental extraction forceps are considered as one of the most effective tools. The extraction forceps have a locking mechanism with sturdy jaws to hold the tooth firmly to slide it out of the socket.


This is a multi-purpose instrument that works like an elevator, a chisel, a periotome, a forceps, and more. The angled working end design is useful in penetrating the bottom of the tooth and pulling it out for clean removal. This instrument is available in three variations. This gives the surgeons more control over their movements even_when the tooth is placed at difficult to reach the position in the mouth.

Bone Graft Packer and Pluggers

This tool is being used during the implantation or bone grafting procedures. In some cases, the grafter is used to transplant bone to repair the impacted tissue.

Tissue Punches

These are surgical instruments that assist the professional when preparing the dental pocket for the implant. It is used to press down the tissue at the base of the cavity before an implant can be put in place.

Dental Chisels

This instrument is used to shape the bone or contour it for a stable attachment of the implant to the bone structure.

Does the quality of the tools impact the procedure?

Several factors dictate whether an implant is successful. One of the necessary elements is high-quality instruments. According to the industry experts, regardless of the years of experience, surgeons cannot make the dental implantation procedure successful and less painful_untill they have access to quality instruments.

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