What are the emerging sectors in Ireland?

emerging sectors in ireland

You can think of Ireland as a gateway country to Europe. It is the most significant English-speaking country in the European Union after the Brexit. As per TC Global, Ireland is one of the fastest growing economies in the EU and fosters a number of high-revenue generating professional sectors.

The last two decades have witnessed tremendous growth in emerging sectors in the country like financial technology, pharmaceutical, and bio-technology. This has created scores of employment opportunities for people in these and other emerging sectors in Ireland. The country is also attracting many foreign nationals owing to the rich cultural diversity, good work-life balance and high standard of living.

If you are interested in working in Ireland and want to know more about the emerging sectors in the country, here are 5 promising professional sectors in Ireland.

1. Medical science and pharmaceuticals

There are many indicators to prove that the Irish pharmaceutical and medical device development industries are growing beyond expectations. As per recent data pulled by the IDA, the country can see the creation of at least 2000 new jobs in this sector by the end of 2020. Ireland is also collaborating with the UK and other European countries to develop an effective vaccine for COVID-19, which can further increase the number of jobs when the vaccine goes into production. Some of the common roles in this domain include clinical trial coordinators and drug research consultants.

2. Language and translation

Language and translation-oriented roles are surprisingly on the rise in Ireland. There is a very high demand for professionals with proficiency in more than 2 languages including English. Customer-oriented roles like sales and advertising also require professionals to be proficient in at least 2 other languages in addition to English. Translation jobs from English to European languages and vice versa are rising, especially in the scientific and technological communities.

3. Engineering and technology

Apart from business and pharmaceuticals, Ireland is also home to a thriving technological landscape. Dublin is the breeding ground for vast range of technological MNCs including some big names like Microsoft. As a result, there are a high number of career vacancies for engineering and technology graduates in the country. Some of the common roles in this domain include UI/UX developers, software engineers, systems and network designers and IT consultants.

4. Environmental protection

Employment in the environment conservation sector in Ireland is also on the rise. As per a joint report by Forfas and Inter Trade Ireland, the environmental industry in the country is showing a lot of promise of large-scale development in the coming years. Some of the common green enterprises include waste-water and e-waste recycling, wind energy generation and solar panel production companies.

You can maximise your career prospects in these domains by pursuing relevant courses in Ireland. Business and technological courses can provide you the required expertise to work in most of these industries. You can look up on different technological and business programmes by visiting www.ibat.ie.

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