Emergency Dental Care for Kids: What Every Parent Should Know

Dental healthcare is necessary for every person, even for kids. In their developmental stages, kids need the guidance of dentists for proper oral healthcare. Even when it comes to Emergency Dental Care for kids, you need the help of a good pediatric dentist who understands kids’ dental health problems and health issues. Because of the habits kids develop these days, they might face dental health problems and sudden toothaches.

If such things happen, you need to go to a nearby dental clinic and get the help of a dentist for a child toothache emergency. The dentist will be able to help you with a lot of dental emergencies related to your kids. Kids often need special attention from pediatric dentists for the resolution of their health issues. If the dental health issues are not resolved on time, they can lead to further health complications for the child.

Tips every parent should know about Emergency Dental care for kids

There are some basic tips that every parent can follow while giving emergency dental care to kids. Whether your kid is facing a child toothache emergency or any other issue with teeth, there are some steps that you can take as a parent. Read on to know more.

Stay calm and reassure your kid

If you feel that the kid needs the immediate attention of an emergency dentist, you should take him to the nearest dental clinic. However, in most cases, the child is already in a lot of pain and confusion. The first thing to do during dental emergencies is to stay calm and calm the child down before taking him to the dentist. As a parent, you should talk in a placid, reassuring tone so the child listens to you and does not panic. Often, panic can aggravate the nature of dental emergencies. Comfort the child in the best way possible and make sure that first aid is done in case of any oral trauma. Stay with your kid and reassure them that you are there to help them. Emergency dental care starts at home, even before the dentist steps in.

Take immediate action

As the parent, once a dental emergency arises, you will need to step in and take control. Your child would not know what to do, so you have to take immediate action. You need to know about the first aid and assistance that you can extend to the child in such situations. In case of sudden trauma and a knocked-out tooth, you need to rinse the child’s mouth and the tooth. You can either put it back in the socket or put the dislodged tooth in a glass of milk and take it to the dentist along with the patient. Rinsing the mouth with warm water, in most cases, can help your child. To reduce pain, you can also place a cold compress in the affected area. A cold compress also reduces the swelling during kids’ dental emergency.

Call an emergency dentist

The best possible emergency dental care for kids can be given by an emergency dentist. It is best if you can take the child to a nearby clinic or if you call a good dentist and ask him to come for a home visit. In severe cases, or if the child has suffered from multiple injuries, it is best to call a dentist for a house visit. Experienced dentists know how to deal with dental care emergency and will help you bring the situation under control. The emergency dentist will be able to tell you the next path of action for the kids dental emergency.

Tips to Prevent Dental Emergencies

A preventive approach to dental care can reduce the chances of dental emergencies in kids. If regular care of the teeth is taken, emergency dentistry is not needed. Here are some steps parents can take to avoid dental emergencies.

Children should see their first dentist by age 1

It is important to start children’s dental care from a young age. Right from the development of their first set of teeth, the children should visit a dentist. Pediatric dentists take great care of your child’s developing teeth and prevent dental emergencies. Since the first teeth erupt from 6 months of age, taking the child to the dentist at age 1 makes sense. Cavities can develop from a very young age and lead to many health problems. To avoid these types of dental emergencies, your child should have a habit of dental visits from a young age. The parents should also be careful of what they are feeding the child at all ages. If dental health issues are not resolved from a young age, they can rise suddenly as dental emergencies.

By Age 6, children should be brushing on their own

A child becomes a toddler by the time he reaches the age of 6. By age 6, children understand their surroundings and start becoming independent. Parents should teach their kids how to brush their teeth and how to floss in the age of 6-10. 20 per cent of children in the age group of 5 to 11 are already suffering from a decaying tooth. During this time period, the children should also be taken to the dentist, who can educate them better about oral hygiene and brushing their teeth. Flossing can be complicated for a young child, but they slowly learn it by the age of 10. Once proper oral hygiene habits are in place, kids can avoid dental health emergencies that need immediate care and attention.

Take the help of dental sealants

The application of sealants on teeth can be a preventive measure for teeth protection. A thin layer of good sealant protects the kids’ teeth from cavities and chemical damage. Parents can consult with dentists and opt for sealant application. Sealants are easy to apply as a coating and do not cause any pain to the kids. The kid will not even notice that there is a layer of sealant on the teeth. An experienced dentist can easily do the sealant procedure and help your kid avoid dental problems.

Change the diet of the kid

As parents, you have the ability to control what your kid eats. There should be no strict control on diet, but candies and high-sugar foods like cold drinks and pastries should be cut out of the diet. Such sugary foods affect the kids’ teeth negatively and cause dental emergencies for the kids. More water intake and less processed snacks is a good approach to take for a healthier diet. You should increase the content of calcium-rich foods like milk in the child’s diet. Calcium and phosphorus are minerals that fortify your teeth.


Above, you see some of the important cases in which you need emergency dental care for kids. If you need the help of professionals practicing emergency dental care for kids, you should go to a nearby dental clinic like Hardy Oak Family Dentistry to ensure you get the right kind of treatment for your kids. Kids’ teeth need to be handled with care, and experienced dentists take extra care of kids’ teeth under all circumstances. To avoid any type of dental emergency, proper and regular care of the teeth should be taken. Kids need to adopt a good diet and healthy habits for healthy teeth.