EDC Gift Guide: 5 Essential Items To Elevate Daily Carry

EDC gift guide

There are just a few accessories you can’t go without. Your mobile phone, wallets, and home keys must be at your hand’s stretch and more accessible. Whether outside on an adventure or within the confines of your home working on do-it-yourself projects, everyday carry (EDC) gear can be handy.

EDC is a term that refers to the collection of tools you keep handy daily, whether indoors or outdoors.

This concept has existed throughout history and gained traction in the modern world. While you may prefer getting one, EDC kits can be perfect gifts for your close loved ones and friends.

This article investigates the ideal EDC gifts that can be impeccable offerings to surprise your recipients.

1. BattlBox EDC Gift Box

The BattlBox EDC Gift Box is a one-in-all and best among EDC gifts that get you in proper survival mode. Its comprehensive collection caters to every indoor and outdoor need, from enhanced vision in poorly lit areas to do-it-yourself (DIY). The Kit has a Speedy Sharp knife sharpener that keeps your blades razor-sharp. Moreover, its general-purpose Tactica M250 screwdriver bits set will make your DIY project much more enjoyable.

Lighting problems on your workstation? This Kit has your back. It has Gator Eyes mini LED lights that light up your ambiance efficiently. Moreover, it adds more versatility by including a BMOR.380 TM keychain in conjunction with the FREEKey™ Slim System to quickly swap your car keys, which can be tough to achieve with traditional keyrings.

Alongside these accessories, the BattlBox’s EDC Kit provides a pocket survival guide with 174 expert tips, 101 detailed illustrations, and 67 life-saving skills. Moreover, it contains 24 essential gear checklists that ensure you don’t miss a thing in your collections. The guide helps you identify the 10 “Killer” mistakes you must avoid while using the Kit, making it a more comprehensive option.

2. Custom Leather Scout Carry Sheath

There’s no better way to secure your knife than in a robust leather sheath. It gives you the peace of mind you need while going about your activities and knowing you can safely access it. The Custom Leather Scout Carry Sheath is just what you need, as it comes with heavy-duty line snaps, stitching, and hardware.

The sheath is the right fit for your all-purpose Izula and your ideal pick for your outdoor adventure. It fits horizontal scout carry on your belt and can fit your left and right-hand carry, making it a more comfortable option. Besides, it fits belts about 1.75 inches best and slightly below 2” with a tighter fit.

While BattlBox doesn’t include a knife to go with the sheath, the price they offer and the quality they guarantee are fit for the price. Say goodbye to accidental cuts and punctured bags—this leather sheath resists your knife’s razor-sharp pinch.

3. POD Fusion Solar Power Bank

A reliable power source can go a long way throughout your adventures. Especially so, a device that can guarantee a consistent power supply is handy as it lets your phones and tablets on when off the grid. BattlBox’s POD Fusion Solar Power Bank offers that precisely and will elevate your daily carry tremendously.

Unlike conventional power banks, this solar alternative doesn’t go out of power. It tags along with a robust li-polymer 8000mah battery that, despite planning your adventures on cloudy days, won’t let you worry about it running out soon. It has a led panel with high, mid, and strobe modes and a rubber finish for extra protection, higher energy, and extended battery life.

4. Thule Chasm Backpack 26L-Durable and Weather-Resistant

A backpack is just ideal for your outdoor adventures. It keeps all your accessories in a single repository and lets you enjoy carefree outings. However, it’s not all about picking any backpack, but a robust, sizable, and reliable one that elevates your everyday carry. The Thule Chasm Backpack should do it; it’s durable and worth every penny, weather resistant, and just sufficient to include every accessory you need.

Its phthalate-free TPE laminate nylon makes it an all-weather backpack that secures your accessories against every outdoor condition. Moreover, its thickly padded storage lets you carry your electronic devices without worrying about leaks in the rain. It extends its storage with expandable side pockets for your water bottles, making it a more convenient addition that elevates your daily carry.

5. Small Compact IFAK Med Trauma Kit

While never encountering mishaps outdoors can be your wildest wish, anything can happen. Injuries shouldn’t be a surprise as they’re a likely possibility, and Mother Nature has her way of reminding you that you’re in her territory. A first aid kit can be helpful, and the Small Compact IFAK Med Trauma Kit can come to your aid.

The Kit comes empty but full of opportunities to make your outdoor adventure more memorable. It’s easy to open, attach to your waist, and deploy. It can be ideal for every outdoor adventure, including travel, hunting, and disasters predisposing you to possible harm. It’s also easy to store, durable, and weather-resistant, making it an ideal pick for every outdoor adventure.

Bottom Line

Outdoor adventures only get better if you’re perfectly prepared. A daily carry is always handy, absorbing every item you need for safety and peace of mind while outside. While not every item may be essential, it’s best never to miss a few that’ll make your outdoor experience fun.

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