Drool with a click – Food photography Tips and Tricks!!

Food photography

Culture and trends change with every generation. Clicking the food before tasting is the new Gen -Z culture and trend. From restaurants to home to street side shops, there is no shyness about where they are clicking. Very meal is the opportunity of adding something in their memory lane.

There is no right or wrong picture. It’s always about capturing the moment and reliving it till years to come. Still some people are all about perfection. Sometimes the images are droolworthy where sometimes they are missing the touch. Here are some tips and tricks from the best Corporate Photographers from the industry.

Light can enhance the virtual taste

Everyone knows the food which looks good and smells good, ultimately tastes good. So, let the light guide you in adding the virtual taste in your dish. Make sure your angle offers you the appropriate lighting. Too much or too little light, both can change the end result. Shifting your dish slightly here or there on the table can offer you the light settings you need. 

Why just the cooked dishes, why not the whole process?

Experts of Commercial Photography in Bristol believe that everything is important enough to be captured. Apart from cooked dishes from outside you can click the series at home too. Each step-in cooking process is appetizing enough to be clicked if you set it in a right way. The changing colors of a simmering dish to sautéing vegetables offers one more opportunity to click a beautiful picture.

A little Clutter is good

There is a difference between clutter and chaos. A spoon here and a saltshaker there can add style to your image whereas dirty napkins or drips can create chaos. Add the taste to your picture from the things on the table. Adjust the items to your liking and you have the award-winning picture to keep. However, remember to differentiate between clutter and chaos.

Tilt it- It won’t Fall

Nope! Not asking you to tilt the plate rather your camera. Either you are clicking from the phone or a more professional equipment, slightly tilting the camera can work wonders on the end picture. Using different camera angles, increasing or decreasing the distance between the object and the camera, etc. are some trick to capture unique yet amazing images. Don’t bind yourself with certain ideas and get creative to get the best pictures like corporate photographers.

Sometimes Left is Right

As we said earlier there is no right or wrong picture. Let your imagination flow and take control. Clicking from a different direction where everything is hidden but a glimpse is visible, can also capture the perfect moment. Right side is not always the right angle. Move out of your comfort zone and click with the idea of capturing the best moment.

Let the food add the color

When we are talking about shooting pictures of food, we don’t have to worry about colors. Most of the cuisines set on the table are already flooding with variety of colors. But sometimes it’s too much color as well.  In the end, combine the dishes together in one picture whose colors compliment each other. Don’t try to use outside props to bring the colors. Make use of the items available on the table, it will give a more aesthetic look to your picture.

Frame it up

Frame is always important when you are clicking a picture. Irrespective of the object when must focus on the frame. When you are clicking food, observe the surroundings. Make note of everything, remove the unwanted items and make sure only required items are included in your frame. This way you will have an attractive shot without including the chaos of the table. Random clicks are good, but they need a little thought too. Experts from the field of Commercial Photography in Bristol, always stress over the importance of frame.

Practice at home 

Practice makes a man perfect. Well Women are already perfect. Jokes apart!! If you want to be good at clicking the most drool worthy food pictures, then try to practice clicking them at home. It will help you in understanding angles, lighting and style. Plus, you can practice the above tips as well.

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