Don’t Know How to Break Bad Habits? Here are the 8 Best Books!


Have you heard about the saying that goes like “leaders are readers”? It means that books play a vital role in developing minds, expanding their way of thinking and making you a leader for the future. Also, there is no denying that adoption of good habits and breaking bad habits can also let you become a leader. But how can we link these two? Well, let’s read further.

Our daily life habits play a vital role in determining our success and even failure. Breaking bad habits will take effort and discipline, just as it takes time for good habits to become ingrained in us. Consider someone who is hooked on a particular drug. How long will he or she be able to live a life without the drug? Perhaps months or even years. It all depends on how ingrained the habit was.

To break a habit, one needs to go through practicing some specific methods that require a good amount of effort. But too much effort might make you “hush off” the idea so why not use something that is easier and does not give you a hard time? Yes, we are talking about books.

Books are full of well-researched material that you may utilize to break undesirable behaviors at any time to read Dollar 6 essay help.

Using tried-and-true strategies detailed in excellent publications can undoubtedly make things easier for you. We did some research on the greatest books for breaking harmful behaviors that are currently accessible. We were able to track them down. Continue reading!

The Craving Minds

Whatever we do is controlled by our minds. It’s at the beginning and end of everything. The organ named MIND can be a huge blessing if we learn to use it in the proper way and on the contrary, it can be a liability if it is left to do what it wishes. Today, more than half of the population is controlled by their minds and this becomes the reason they feel losing self-control most of the time. Nothing can stop you if your mind is under control and directed properly. You’ll be able to acquire whatever you want.

So, how can you regain mental control? Judson Brewer has developed a strategy that blends mindfulness and neuroscience to keep undesirable behaviors at bay. You become more conscious of your decisions as a result of the exercise. You will be glad to learn that this method is tried and tested and has worked for many people. This method was essentially developed to help individuals eliminate the bad habits such as smoking and was stated to be the most effective way to make people quit smoking.

Moreover, mindfulness not just helps in increasing self-awareness but lets you have other fruits like calmness and happiness. To date, many people utilize this technique to manage their anxiety and stress.

The Power of Habit

Another book worth reading is “The Power of Habit.” It takes a methodical and straightforward approach. According to the author, forty percent of our choices are habits rather than options. He goes on to claim that humans have been programmed to screw up life like robots.

It’s critical that you understand how habits work and can spot the negative ones. You should also be addicted to good habits rather than unhealthy ones.

The author’s goal is for his readers to replace harmful habits with positive ones. He also offers a tried-and-true system for achieving this goal. Readers have given this book a lot of positive feedback and ratings. Make time to read it.


If you’ve ever used willpower to achieve a goal, you’re familiar with the effects. When you first start something, your willpower is strong, but as time passes, the energy diminishes and you lose your momentum.

Working out is a fantastic example. Beginners are usually upbeat, full of energy, and have a big dream. The majority of them begin by going to the gym on a daily basis and lifting greater weights. After a while, all of the energy drains away, and the prospect of going to the gym becomes very unappealing. They end up watching their favorite show while resting on the couch. Why? Willpower.

Most of us have tried to utilize willpower but have failed to do so in a terrible way. But does it mean you should stop trying? Well, NO! Give this book a shot and discover different ways to kill the bad habits.

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

This is a classic book that has aided many readers in realizing their ambitions. The seven habits of highly effective people are an excellent book for those who want to break a negative habit as well as those who have tried and failed to become successful.

We must change in order for anything to happen. And, as the adage goes, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. People are averse to change. Despite this, it is the bedrock of success and happiness. This book is built on timeless concepts for increasing a person’s productivity and effectiveness through the elimination of harmful habits.

The One Thing

Trying to be exceptional at everything causes us to be mediocre at everything. The One Thing’s authors have only one purpose in mind. To assist their readers in concentrating on a single aim at a time. Concentrating on a single objective over an extended period of time will enable you to excel at it. One thing distinguishes the leaders and successful people we all admire. They may be average in all other areas, but they are world-class in one. That is the secret to achieving success.

If you want to stop a string of bad behaviors, you should tackle them one at a time, giving each one the time and attention it deserves. Move on to the next one once you’ve broken it. As you progress, you will gain momentum, requiring less energy to break the subsequent behaviors. It is a science to achieve success. It is not a coincidence or a stroke of luck. The value of focusing on one thing is explained in this book.

Make It Stick

Distraction is all this world has, like all it is composed of. A few years back, the only distraction we knew was a call ring or a knock at the door. But today, we’ve opened all the windows, and anything can draw our attention away from the task at hand. We are, in reality, working with distraction tools. We are constantly in search of new knowledge.

We spend hours reading the news and interacting on social media platforms in the hopes of impressing or being impressed by others. We have become addicted to the habit of constantly using technology devices. Even when we want to, we can’t seem to put the phone down. Scientists have compared technological addiction to cigarette addiction and found that there is little difference between the two.

If we want to attain our objectives, now is the moment to concentrate. It’s all about knowing how to study in our society and comprehending the most crucial concepts quickly in Make it Stick. This book is ideal for anyone who is attempting to break a harmful habit.


Stressed life may make you dwell into unhealthy practices. Although online homework writing service is something that can help students with their academic stress but to help them overall, we have incorporated this article that revolves around the books that can help you leave bad habits and shift to the healthy ones. We hope our research and effort help in dealing with struggling life.

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