Average Cost of Hiring A Divorce Lawyer In Singapore

Divorce Lawyer In Singapore

Divorce is a critical stage of the married life of a couple that is full of complexities involving emotions, issues, and legal actions to take to handle the case. Hence, it is significant for a couple to handle divorce cases and come to the final decision with mutual consent. For this aim, the couple should take the aid of a professional divorce lawyer who understands every aspect of the divorce case and can suggest the needful or legal steps to file the case for the same. If you want to file a divorce case in Singapore, you should contact a licensed divorce lawyer or attorney to handle your case. Before you hire a divorce lawyer in Singapore, you should not skip to check with credentials and service cost of a lawyer. Make sure, you hire an experienced divorce lawyer, who has a valid license, qualification, and good service record to handle divorce cases as per legal norms in Singapore. Also, you should not forget to compare the costs or charges of a divorce lawyer in Singapore as per their experience and reputation. Hence, you need to take care of every aspect before hiring a divorce attorney in Singapore.

Average Cost of Divorce Lawyers in Singapore

As per updates in January 2022, the average cost of a divorce lawyer in Singapore may vary from SGD 5,000 to SGD 25,000 for uncontested divorce cases. This range of cost may involve charges of different services like consultation fees per hour basis, case study, case filing, disbursement, documentation, case hearings, and more. Hence, it is significant for the applicant to identify all hidden and genuine charges involved in the service cost of a divorce lawyer in Singapore before availing service. Besides, the complexity of your divorce case may also increase or decrease the cost of divorce attorney services in Singapore. 

Let’s take a look at those factors, which can affect the service cost of divorce lawyers in Singapore.

1. Complexity of Case

The complexity of your divorce case can influence the average cost of a divorce lawyer in Singapore. Divorce cases may involve contested issues such as asset division, child custody, spouse maintenance, and more. Hence, it will take more time and expertise to handle such issues that may affect the service cost of divorce lawyers. More will be the complexity of your divorce case more will be the cost of a lawyer. Hence, it is necessary to keep the transparency and simplicity in your divorce case and ensure both parties agree with the decision to sort out the case legally without any legal issues. This can limit the cost of a lawyer to some extent. 

2. Experience and Reputation

The cost of a divorce lawyer in Singapore may depend upon the experience and reputation of a lawyer too. The reputed and professional divorce lawyers in Singapore may cost more as per their experience level. On the other end, expert and private lawyers may be flexible with the cost of service according to intricate legal aspects of the client’s case. But, they will not go below their average cost of service for divorce cases. Hence, it is significant to confirm the service, if you are hiring a divorce attorney from a reputed law firm in Singapore. 

3. Types of Services

Your divorce lawyer’s cost in Singapore may also vary depending upon the types of services or assistance needed for the case. For instance, the legal process of a divorce case in Singapore may involve varied types of services such as consultation, case filing, court representation, drafting legal documentation, attending case hearings, etc. Thus, you can opt for any sort of legal service from divorce lawyers in Singapore for your case and pay accordingly. If you are unaware of any service, you can apply for the comprehensive services of a divorce lawyer and pay as per their rates or average cost in Singapore.

4. Geographic Location

The average cost of a divorce attorney in Singapore may also be affected by their location of. If you are hiring divorce lawyers in a reputed law firm located in a posh area in Singapore, you will find highly qualified and experienced lawyers for the case. Hence, they will charge you higher as per their reputation and expertise. But, in local areas, you may find some practiced lawyers or inexperienced attorneys who may charge you average for divorce cases. 

5. Knowledge of Legal Norms

The divorce lawyers have deep knowledge of the legal norms of divorce cases in Singapore they can charge you a little higher than average cost. Such lawyers know all the smart tricks and legal steps to take to handle divorce cases of clients and give them justice through legal processes. Hence, they can assure you to sort the divorce cases soon with their legal awareness and experience in the domain.

Thus, above are some prominent factors, which can affect the cost of divorce lawyers in Singapore for handling client’s cases legally. 

Before you hire any divorce lawyer in Singapore, you should not forget to check with credentials of the attorney such as:

  • Check the reputation and expertise of divorce lawyers in Singapore that should be impressive. 
  • Always hire expert and legal divorce lawyers having genuine licenses to serve clients in the industry.
  • Have a look a previous history and numbers of winning divorce cases for clients. 
  • Check with the website of the law firm and online reviews of clients regarding the services of divorce lawyers and choose the best attorney for your case.
  • Do not resist asking for the knowledge and experience of a lawyer about handling the complexity of divorce cases. 
  • Finally, you need to compare the right cost of a divorce lawyer to handle the client’s case successfully. 

Thus, it is necessary to identify all the above points before opting services of a professional divorce lawyer in Singapore for your case.