How you can discover essential, real, and corporate life skills via an escape game

escape game

Everything we see or do has an impact on us either directly or indirectly. A recent conversation you had with your friend might have taught you something, the movie you last watched might have changed your opinions, and the book you are reading right now may change your perspective. Hence, we learn something new every day. But how about learning something while having a fun time? Are you wondering how you can do that? Well, the answer to that question is escape game rooms!  

 Escape rooms are an exhilarating activity that is now gaining immense popularity among people of all ages. This game began in the year 2007 by a Japanese company known as SCRAP. Since the day it came into existence, the audience was loved and appreciated it because the game is highly immersive. Now, there are more than 88 counties that have to escape the rooms and offer an escape experience.  

Recently, escape rooms have established themselves in other fields as well. Besides being a source of entertainment, escape rooms are also a great way to discover essential, real, and corporate life skills. They have made their name as an excellent ‘team-building’ exercise as well. One can pick up considerable critical skills just by playing in an escape game rooms; if you want to know-how, keep reading this article to find out!  

Escape rooms teach us TEAMWORK:  

One of the essential qualities that are highly valued in the corporate sector is teamwork. An escape room is a remarkable place to become a better team-player and learn how to work in a team because escape rooms are a game for groups. This game requires you to work together and solve the puzzles efficiently. Communication is the key element to win an escape room. When to speak and when to listen is very important while playing an escape room.

Escape rooms help you strengthen your communication skills. It requires the players to communicate clues and puzzles efficiently with each other. The time constraint activity requires that the players divide and work as sub-teams to complete the tasks. It means that the sub-teams simultaneously work to solve the puzzles and riddles. It is crucial to keep everyone in the loop in similar situations and inform everyone about their progress. For achieving that, communication is extremely vital. Therefore, escape rooms will help you hone your communication skills and make you a better team-player.  

Escape rooms teach us CO-OPERATION:  

More often, people find it difficult to co-operate with each other in a team. They have a hard time listening to other people’s ideas and accepting their opinions. Playing an escape game rooms can help people learn how to co-operate with one another. You will discover that every person thinks differently in an escape room, and you need to find common ground to communicate effectively. Also, there will be many situations in an escape room where someone else’s idea will help you solve a puzzle. In cases like these, you will realize how important it is to co-operate with each other and value their thoughts and opinions.    

This skill will be beneficial in real-life as well because cooperative people have better interpersonal relationships. Also, people like these are very understanding and rational.  

Escape rooms teach us LATERAL THINKING:  

Escape rooms offer a range of puzzles and quizzes. These puzzles vary significantly from each other. Some of the mysteries are very straightforward, some might require excellent observation skills, some require good memory, and some of the quizzes need people to think out-of-the-box. This out-of-the-box thinking is also known as lateral thinking. Puzzles like these are not based on information that you might have learned in your school. They require creativity and imagination! To solve them, you need to widen your horizons and look at them from a different perspective. A skill like this is beneficial in real-life. Out-of-the-box thinkers often Challenge the status quo, which is a fantastic thing. If everyone in this world just accepted things the way they are, there would have never been any innovation or discovery. Also, a skill like this makes you street-smart and helps you stand out in a corporate gathering.  

Escape rooms teach us to be PUNCTUAL:   

All escape rooms have a fixed time-limit. Depending on the game, you can get anywhere from 45 to 60-minutes to unravel the mystery. Your task is to decipher all the puzzles and the quizzes before the time runs out. Even if you know how to solve everything and are very close to victory, if you cannot do it within the time limit, you lose! Because of this time-constraint, we are more likely to do our tasks more efficiently and faster. Completion of your assignments before the deadline is a highly-valuable corporate skill! When you go for a job interview, your punctuality matters a lot. Even while working a job, it is imperative to be punctual. Reaching the workplace on time or meeting the daily or weekly targets are examples where you need to be on time. Escape rooms help you become punctual and inculcate this healthy habit in the most fun way possible!  


Every escape room is loaded with challenging and tough puzzles. These puzzles require you to think logically and solve problems effectively. Some of these puzzles are riddles, some of them are perplexing quizzes, some of them need you to think logically, and some of them might even require you to brainstorm. Therefore, escape rooms enhance your mental abilities while you are enjoying yourself and having a great time. What could be better than that?  

Final words:  

These were some of the skills that you can learn while playing an escape game. Escape rooms serve you with 60-minutes of fun and recreation and teach you skills that you can use in your real-life. These skills are advantageous and will help you become a better version of yourself! Head over to an escape room to learn and gain knowledge while having fun. 

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