Digital marketing vs internet marketing.

digital marketing

The modern world has become a haven for technology. People are too occupied in their busy and demanding schedules it is impossible for them to look for upcoming brands or products through means of offline paper based marketing like newspapers and books. Sitting at home thinking about purchasing new furniture, an advertisement about furniture, at low cost, is broadcasting on your television. All you have to do is purchase without any hassle of surveying each and every shop or you can visit the brand website to purchase online. This is Digital Marketing, making your life comfortable with a simple click or touch.


Digital marketing services use digital platforms to promote and advertise a business. It is a broad term that has many channels under its umbrella such as digital advertising, email, pays per click, brochures, banners and more. It also allows to get accurate results in a short span of time.

Some of the offline digital advertisement examples are

  • SMS (mobile marketing)
  • Banners
  • Billboards
  • Radio
  • Television Advertisement
  • Games

Digital advertisement is a blessing for the business world. There are certain benefits which include global reach, low cost, targeted audience and traceable results.


With passing years internet users are increasing at a rapid pace. Online Marketing has earned quite a reputation in the marketing world. Each and everything at the tip of your fingers has benefited our lives by saving time and energy.

There are seven major online marketing services

Search engine optimization (SEO)

To drive more traffic to your website SEO is used which optimize content so that it ranks higher in search engine result pages

Search engine marketing (SEM)

With SEO you make traffic to your site while with SEM you purchase space in paid search platforms like Google AdWords

Content marketing

Content marketing entails the creation and distribution of content through online channels such as blogs, social media or websites. Even though the content is not used for promotional purposes instead just to stimulate some interest which improves brand awareness.

Social media marketing (SMM)

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are all examples of social media platforms. The major concern of SMM is to gain traffic and attention.

Pay per click advertising (PPC)

Ever notice ads that appear alongside your search result, these are PPC ads. Its an example of online marketing where the advertisers have to pay fee per every click.

Affiliate marketing

It is a strategy where you earn a commission by promoting other brands or the company’s products. Promote a product and earn profit for each sale you make.

Email marketing

Its a form of direct marketing where email services are used to convey messages to the audiences.

Apart from these major categories blogging, cost per click, backlinks, and influencers marketing are some other means of marketing in the online world.


People are often confused with digital and online marketing. Online marketing is a subcategory of marketing through digital channels. Explaining digital and online in the world of marketing the question is what is the difference? Practically any form of marketing services that require internet falls under the category of online marketing. Moreover, it involves building a web presence for a business and turning its traffic into sales. The major difference between the marketing forms of online and digital is the usage of the internet. Where the former can’t function without it latter has means to communicate with its audiences without. For instance an internet service is required to download a game but after that you can enjoy it offline. So, internet is not a requirement to advertise through digital channels all you need is any form of digital device.

Which marketing strategy is more beneficial? Online or digital? Answer is the one which fits your target audience, simple as that. The best strategy marketing is to utilize every resource on hand. A detail study of your audience including gender, age, habits and geographical region is require to plan a unique marketing tactics. At the end of the day best option is the one that provides best strategy, satisfy your audience, follows the budget and produces brilliant result which compel your audience to wait for upcoming products or ideas.

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