What’s The Difference Between A Visitor Visa And A Visitor Record?

visitor visa and visitor record

Every year millions of people are visiting Canada for various purposes. Visa plays an important role whenever traveling to faraway countries. People tend to get confused sometimes about the two things. One must know the difference between a visitor visa and a visitor record Canada if he or she is expecting a visa. We will discuss this & answer more questions regarding the topic.

What is a visitor visa?

An official document that permits a visitor to apply for entering Canada is called a visitor visa. It is often called a temporary resident visa. It allows a visitor to enter Canada and travel for six months as a visitor.

 Citizens who are from visa-required countries apply for this visa to visit Canada. People who apply for study or work for the first time also get a visitor visa and approval. The officials stick the visitor visa inside the passport of the visitor. It also contains a date by which one must arrive in Canada.

What is a visitor record?

When visitors want to extend or restrict their stay in Canada, they must contact a border services officer. A visitor record is a document given by the border services officer when someone wants to stay more than six months. This document is an independent one that includes an expiry date.

 It is not placed inside the passport. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada or the Canada Border Services Agency generally issue a visitor record for any visitor. Extending stay in Canada or restoring status- a visitor record is also given upon approval of a visitor’s application. It is a requirement to apply for a visitor record timely before their staying period expires.

When to apply for a visitor record?

It is crucial to apply for a visitor record before it is too late. You should apply when-

1. You arrived at the port, knowing that your stay period will be longer than six months.

2. Your stay in Canada and decide that you want to stay longer one day.

3. For study or job purposes, you need to stay more than six months.

To stay for an extended period, you have to apply for a visitor record at least a month before the authorized date expires for your stay in Canada arrives.

Who can get a visitor record?

If you want to extend your stay more than six months when traveling in Canada, a BSO (Border Services Officer) can help you. Your duration of stay in Canada depends on the decision of a Border Services Officer. If the issue you for a six-month stay, you cannot get a visitor record. No need to worry; if your circumstances study, work-related or very important, you can always apply and get a visitor record from the BSO.

What is the primary difference between these two? 

There are few significant differences between a visitor visa and a visitor record. Both relate to visas but differs in purpose and action. The visitor visa is a sticker that stays inside the passport. On the other hand, a visitor record is a piece of paper given when someone extends their stay- it is separate from the passport. It is not necessary to attach it to a passport.

In Canada, a visitor visa is also referred to as TRV (Temporary Resident Visa). Another name for a visitor record is TRP (Temporary Resident Permit). A visitor visa shows that you have met all requirements (either as a worker, a visitor, or a student) to enter Canada for study, work, or travel. A person can issue it before coming to Canada from some other country. 

You will need a visitor record when you are thinking of roaming around the premises of Canada for more than six months. It is a single-page document issued and provided in Canada. 


To prevent losing the single page TRP, you can keep it inside your passport by folding it. Thus, you can prevent your potential loss and remember that this is an important document. Try not to lose it.

Bottom Line:

Before traveling to Canada, it is vital to acknowledge the difference between a visitor visa and a visitor record. Otherwise, you may discover yourself in troublesome situations. Always remember that a visitor recorder is not a visa. Using a visitor record in Canada properly allows you to do your work in Canada without worrying about your stay.

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