Difference Between Memory Foam and Latex Mattress

memory foam mattress

Jumbo Sleep memory foam mattress is quite similar to other brands but it differs only in product quality and its durability. You know well your choices of comfort and about a sleep full of dreams! So we engineered memory foam mattress in such a way to mold all new adaptable features into a single pack of purchase. After a long tiring day, we all wish for a peaceful and sound sleep so that the next we wake up refreshed and tension-free. There are various problems occur during a sleep. Our brain neurons get stronger if we take full hours sleep. So we believe in soundful sleep after whole day working in office.

Reasons Which Disturb Sleep:

  1. Stress after whole day working without break
  2. Non regular day to day schedule
  3. Orthopedic problems
  4. Uncomfortable bed mattress topper

Features of Good Memory Foam Mattress:

Memory Foam Mattress makes a huge difference in daily sleep routines enhancement by experiencing it. What makes it unique are unique supported features which are listed below:

  1. Restful Sleep is the state of complete relaxation of mind & body. A good mattress supports conditions to attain restful sleep. 
  2. A mattress will provide support so that you don’t move around much in bed to compensate for bad posture or shortcomings of the mattress.
  3. A memory foam mattress is an ideal mattress for adjustable bed because it contains pliable and contours.
  4. The more the thicker generally above 14 inch, may not be bend easily.
  5. It contains poly foam which is known to be ideal for all side sleepers.
  6. Its cost is dependent on foam density, durability, and foam quality as well.
  7. It covers always a core soft layer that helps less strain on painful areas.
  8. A memory foam mattress is usually denser than other best foam mattresses, making it both more supportive and heavier.
  9. For people who suffer from back pain, restlessness in the night or disturbances from their partner on the other side of the bed, memory foam can be the solution .
  10. Due to contouring elements sleepers feel warmth to the point of pain areas.

Know The Difference Between Latex and Memory Foam Mattress:

To buy a mattress, first understand them better and match with your comfort level then.

  1. Memory foam mattress has slow recovery time that means when you press it by finger and lift it up; it takes longer time to come in original position whereas latex mattress has quick recovery time.
  2. Latex mattress is made of natural latex came originated from rubber tree i.e 100% natural for health whereas memory foam is well known for comfort by most of sleepers.
  3. Latex foam is made of three foams naming Talalay, Dunlop, Natural, and Synthetic latex whereas memory foam mattress is a group of similar groups.
  4. Memory foam can be cheaper than latex foam mattress.
  5. Memory foam mattress is suitably used for heat retention whereas latex foam contains holes to pass the continuous air flows to keep it cool.
  6. Memory foam mattress is winner in reducing the motion transfer when one moves here and there over the bed without disturbing his/her partner but latex vice versa provides high bouce capacity.
  7. Memory foam releases off gassing smell generated by VOCs whereas latex plant based doesn’t.
  8. Memory foam mattress doesn’t last quite longer than latex based mattress

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