Boost Customer Satisfaction: The Power of Delivery Date Pickers for Shopify

delivery date pickers for shopify

Online shopping carts get abandoned 70% of the time. The absence of delivery date options is one of the main causes of this problem. As an e-commerce merchant, you can’t ignore how important it is to give your consumers an easy shipping experience.

In such cases, a delivery date picker is useful. Customers will be more satisfied, and there will be fewer abandoned shopping carts if you add this simple option to your Shopify store. This lets customers select the time and date that works best for them. 

If you own an e-commerce business and want to boost your business, having a Shopify Delivery Date feature will be a major advantage. Read below to have a clear understanding of the benefits of Delivery date pickers:

What is Schedule delivery?

Buyers have more control over when their items are delivered through scheduled delivery. So it seems logical that you would include a date picker widget in your Shopify store, particularly on the product page or the cart page.

After the selection of products, the customer would click to select their preferred delivery day and time from a list of slots made available by the store owner. 

It is strongly advised that they finish choosing a delivery date before continuing with the checkout process. Depending on their preferences, retailers can make it mandatory or optional.

The power of Delivery Date Pickers

1. Customize the purchasing experience for each customer.

Install a date picker widget on your website to provide your consumers with a customized buying experience. Customer retention and satisfaction are heavily reliant on shipping. Customers are prepared to pay more for flexible delivery alternatives, so major e-commerce companies are competing to offer this flexible option. 

By letting your consumers select the delivery date and time that works best for them, you can provide them with the same level of freedom by using a date picker. 

If it’s a costly or private item, they can guarantee that they will be ready to accept their orders at their doorstep at a specified time. Your clients will come back and develop brand loyalty if you can provide a more convenient and personalized purchasing experience. 

2. The efficiency of operations is improved.

You can manage a delivery schedule and streamline delivery routes with a date picker that can greatly increase operational efficiency. By keeping track of available orders, you can effectively manage your resources and set up your supply chain and inventories. 

It also helps to schedule deliveries to guarantee timely delivery. This easy-to-use application can assist you in organizing and streamlining your delivery routes, which will ultimately result in fuel and labor cost savings.

3. Boost conversion rates to increase sales.

One of the main issues customers have is delivery delays, which retailers can address by offering a date picker. When customers are forced to wait for information about when they will receive their orders, they could hesitate to make a purchase and even leave their cart abandoned. 

Customer’s confidence and enthusiasm to make a purchase can be improved by giving them a clear, flexible delivery choice with a date picker. It will eventually improve conversion rates and boost sales.

4. Improve communication & transparency.

Your clients will get more clarity and communication about your company’s ability to process orders if you use a delivery date picker on the website. It also helps to understand the kinds of products that are available on a given day. 

As it facilitates quicker decision-making and promotes client confidence in your company, this can result in a more positive customer experience. The use of a date picker can help to lessen the burden on your customer service staff. This is made possible by reducing the need for consumers to contact your customer service teams with questions about deliveries.

5. Minimize operating expenses and make fulfillment simple.

Identifying the exact moment the customer can accept the order will help reduce the number of times delivery drivers need to make the trip. This will help in reducing the number of returns, and by not having to deal with returns, retailers save time and money.

Orders that have the same time range and delivery route can be delivered simultaneously. This helps retailers to rent fewer deliveries and trucks. As there are lesser call interruptions made to retailers, they have the opportunity to focus on the crucial aspect of their business.

Estimated Delivery Date & Time Addition in Shopify Store

Use scripts to display the delivery date if your requirement is limited to the clients only seeing the estimated delivery date. Use the app instead of altering the code if you are unsure. With the help of the app, you can display an expected delivery date and time on the product page along with a timer.

Use scripts to show Shopify’s anticipated delivery date.

When a consumer is on the product page in your Shopify store, the estimated delivery date for the item will be displayed. So the consumer can see the anticipated delivery date before making a purchase.

The range of dates to deliver the product will be shown in the script, and it will display the order delivery date.

Who must offer Delivery Date Pickers?

As it improves the client experience, Shopify Delivery Date is an attractive choice for any type of company. However, it works better for some businesses than others.

It makes sense to be aware of your order fulfillment deadlines if you sell products that require extra attention, like pharmaceutical deliveries.

Final thoughts

You don’t need to have a lot of technical knowledge to set up a delivery date picker for your Shopify online business. Without any prior coding experience, you can add this essential functionality to your store quickly and easily with the help of apps. You can boost sales and build customer loyalty by giving your clients an ideal and adaptable delivery experience.