For which reasons would anyone need a DDoS protection service?

DDoS protection service

DDoS protection services are necessary, especially when DDoS attacks can cost businesses USD$ 50,000 on average for abatement. This can reduce employee productivity by a large margin and can result in loss of precious revenue, something each business owner is afraid of facing today.

Suppose an organization has around USD$ 40,000 in its budget as surplus and is not sure what to do with it. Professionals in Detroit offering DDoS protection to small businesses, medium scale enterprises and large firms say that money should be invested in cybersecurity, server protection and DDoS protection.

Needless to say no business owner should wait for a DDoS attack to take place on their business’s website. This year, DDoS attacks on various firms have cost them millions and billions of dollars.

How common are DDoS attacks?

As per the estimate of a renowned research firm’s findings, one DDoS is launched after each 23 seconds. What’s scary is that this interval is shrinking. A renown American internet service provider who is in the field for more than 20 years has been on the front line in network security tackling various issues.

Moreover, that ISP has been working diligently to make sure none of its clients face a DDoS attack. organizations are investing a lot of time and efforts in mitigating these attacks. This year, its importance became monumental.

Have DDoS attacks been rising?

The frequency of DDoS has been rising in frequency and is evolving into more sophisticated attacks with complicated modus operandi. The graph is unlikely to come down in the coming days. Moreover, an increase in the frequency of these attacks traces back to the growth of Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices. Hackers have a field’s day converting these devices into botnets.

These malware infected botnets of a wide array of connected devices like computers (both desktops and laptops), routers, Android phones and IP cameras work together to flood the web servers and other systems with bogus requests which thus overloads the servers and denies service to subscribers.

What have researchers predicted about these attacks?

Numerous researchers have predicted that by the year, there will be 24 billion connected devices, which is four times as many devices as humans. Also, almost 60% of cyber security experts believe it is at least somehow unlikely their firms will face a sophisticated, large-scale cyber attack in the coming 12 months.

DDoS protection services are an important tool for organizations to protect themselves against inevitable DDoS attacks.

DDoS services – what are they?

Those who are wondering if they should opt for DDoS protection service or not, the answer to their question is yes, they should opt for it.

Moreover, organizations should be asking what kind of DDoS services do they need? As the scale of DDoS attacks are growing, options organizations have at the moment have evolved to two primary kinds of DDoS services.

One of them is DDoS prevention services which are provided by teams of cyber security experts. The other option is DDoS Protection Service, consisting usually of security apps.

What are DDoS Prevention Services? 

They are basically managed information technology security services combining cutting-edge security technology with a team of expert DDoS analysts. Such is done to help detect, prevent and alleviate DDoS attacks before they impact any company’s online presence.

Moreover, a dedicated team of analysts carry out analysis on threats in real-time and apply proactive response techniques for redirecting bot traffic.

What are DDoS Protection Services?

DDoS protection service typically consist of cloud-based software tools which are designed to detect threats and minimize the impact of the attack. Since DDoS attacks have evolved to include higher-volume threats and their sophisticated versions.

Organizations are combining DDoS protection with prevention in increasing numbers to be protected against attacks which are either hard to find or can overwhelm the protection capabilities of DDoS attack prevention apps.

What are the reasons businesses opt for DDoS protection services?

Based on research conducted by cyber security experts of the nature and scale of the DDoS attacks that have taken place recently, here are the reasons why businesses are opting for DDoS protection services:

  • DDoS attacks are on the rise.
  • These attacks are continuously evolving.
  • Businesses can lose a lot of money if they are not adequately protected.
  • Brand trust can fall at an all time low.
  • Organizations can lose their best employees.

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