Embossing and engraving: the two customized phenomena for riveting leather design

Leather Design

Designer leather goods may come with their own mark of exclusivity. It is now a trend to customize the desired leather goods or accessories to generate more personalized form ‘one-of-a-kind piece’ through a ‘marquage’ artist. Make your exorbitant leather bag or personalized leather photo albums even more special by embossing initials or personal messages, and also introduced as the latest gift personalization via Laser embossing machine, a sign of distinction.

Explore the art of personalization

To illustrate the experiences of an occasion, ceremony, holiday trip or narrate the history of the family, just like any flush-mount albums or classical coffee-table books, customization of personalizedleather photo albums adds more strength to those nostalgic times.

Most customers are not much into leather crafting that much, but developing a customized embossed leather tag, leather album book, or watch case is super easy and trendy.

Kinds of personalizing your leather goods


While engraving is quite a harsh way to curve design, the process of embossing is achieved by compressing the desired design on the leather surface. Introduce your personalized leather photo albums applying a Laser embossing machine to achieve a different look. Marked with a unique identification, decorating your leather album is completely based on referrals design to commemorate each ceremony.

Process for embossing:

  • Develop a mockup for your chosen design and try to practice on other material before starting to work on a leather product.
  • Dampen it and pre-cut the leather tags for easy embossing.
  • Use a hammer, an alphabet stamp, and the first stamp to the cylinder tool to arrange the desired embossing from the stamp.


A key element for most of the design house, product personalization is in vogue and can be embossed with a personal message or only your initials. However, the method of engraving removes some amount of leather due to scraping and cutting.

Types of laser engraving for developing an exquisite piece of art you can do- practice your wilderness to create an amazing logo, drawing, and also handwritten note to etch on your leather products. Few examples are mentioned for personalization options:

Hot-Foil Embossing:

With the help of hot-foil embossing machine, you can try out stamp initials, a name, personal message, stamp initials, numbers, and other experimented details to decorate the accessory. There are other vintage styles that enunciate customization, personalization and monogramming.


For monogramming, a beautiful natural finish with matte black or antique gold is mostly observed to look great on any given accessory. To name a few, fashion industries are establishing a whole range product for international brands to cover customization of products and accessories, such as personalized leather photo albums, luggage tag, handcrafted gifts, and exquisite corporate gifts to celebrate with limited editions. For any further queries to personalize your personalized leather photo albums, ensure referrals from expertise to allow interesting customization of your leather stuff.

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