Cremation costs – What does a cremation cost in Austria?

Cremation costs

In Austria, more and more people are choosing cremation. While the share of cremations in Austria was just 16% in 1995, it is over 40% today. 

This trend can be explained not only with the increasing acceptance of cremation in Christianity but also with the low cremation costs compared to burial. A cremation costs an average of 6,000 euros. The costs of cremation are therefore lower than the costs of earth burial.

You will also receive all the answers to the most important questions about cremation. 

What does a cremation cost in Austria and what costs do you have to expect for a coffin and urn in the course of a cremation. Below you will find a list of the most important cremation costs, which make up the prices in Austria.

What does a cremation cost?

  • The cost of a cremation is made up of various components. If a person dies, the death must first be reported to the competent authority, whereupon the death certificate is issued. This costs between 10 and 15 euros, depending on the federal state in Austria. Further cremation costs are incurred for
  • the transfer of the corpse,
  • the laying out of the body (if desired),
  • the undertaker’s work (washing the dead, preparing the corpse for laying out, dressing, embedding in the coffin , etc.),
  • the cremation coffin,
  • the urn for the funeral,
  • the urn grave,
  • the funeral itself,
  • the funeral service,
  • the funeral feast,
  • the obituary
  • the flower arrangements and
  • possibly the eulogy.

What does the transfer cost for a cremation?

For the transfer of a corpse by the commissioned undertaker, between 100 and 200 euros must be expected. If the corpse has to be transferred several times, the transfer costs increase accordingly.

A repeated transfer is necessary, for example, if a death occurs in the hospital, but the laying out is to take place at home or in a laying out hall. For example, the corpse must be transferred from the hospital to the undertaker in preparation for laying out, from there to the laying out location and ultimately to the crematorium.

Cremation Costs – What Does the Coffin Cost for a Cremation?

Cremations are always carried out in a special cremation coffin. Such a cremation coffin is usually glued and not screwed, like coffins for burial, so that they can burn completely. Because they are usually made of simple and inexpensive wood, the costs of the cremation coffin are significantly lower than those for a coffin for burial. The average cost of the cremation coffin is between 300 and 800 euros.

Funeral home costs

The cremation costs also include the undertaker’s own work, of course. How high these turn out to depend on various factors. The undertaker usually takes on the washing of the dead, dressing and the reconstruction or preparation of the corpse for laying out. This can take a lot of time and work, especially in the case of accidental deaths. Normally, the cost of the undertaker’s own work, excluding the transfer fees, is around 1000 to 1300 euros.

Cremation costs – what does incineration cost?

The cremation costs for the cremation itself are usually between 250 and 600 euros. There are sometimes big differences between the federal states in Austria and the crematoria located there. For example, cremations in Linz are on average more expensive than in Innsbruck.

What does an urn cost?

In the case of a cremation, the ashes are placed in an ash capsule after the cremation, which is then buried in an urn. There is a wide range of options when it comes to the materials, shapes, colors and designs of urns. Accordingly, the urn prices also differ considerably in some cases.

How high are the burial costs for a cremation?

Cremation is a prerequisite for various types of burial. This includes the traditional urn burial in the cemetery and natural burials such as cemetery burial and burial at sea. Even extravagant types of burial such as diamond burial and space burial require cremation.

How high the burial costs are for cremation depends on the type of burial chosen. On average, you can expect funeral costs between € 300 and € 500.

Cremation costs – grave maintenance

If you cannot or do not want to take care of the grave yourself, you can commission grave maintenance. An urn grave costs around € 150-200 per year. The costs of tending the grave are usually not added to the cremation costs.

What is a cemetery burial?

Cemetery burial is a fairly new form of burial and has become a popular alternative to urn graves in the cemetery. In a cemetery burial, also called tree burial, the ashes of the deceased are buried in the area of ​​the root of a tree. The urns for tree burials must be biodegradable.

Cremation – the cost of a sea burial

In the case of a burial at sea, the costs for the shipping company are particularly important. Here you have to plan between € 1000 and € 4000, which is in addition to the cremation costs.

Cremation – the cost of a diamond burial

A diamond burial is a very special form of burial. Here the ashes of the deceased are processed into a diamond in a process lasting several months. If you decide to do this, you must expect an additional financial burden of at least € 5000 in addition to the other cremation costs. If you want to have the ashes pressed into a one-carat, you have to budget at least € 13,000.

Cremation – the cost of a space burial

Anyone who decides to have a space burial pays per gram of ashes. If only 1 gram of ash is to be brought into orbit in space, it costs around 2500 €. With 7 g the costs are around 5000 €

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