Creating Effective Marketing Campaigns: Lessons From Successful Brands

effective marketing campaigns

What Makes a Great Brand?

While the Interbrand list is a fascinating read, it’s essential to understand that successful brands range across various sizes. These companies may take different approaches to product development, marketing, and brand strategies. Are you looking for Dissertation Writing Service in UK? Contact us at Dissertation Experts UK, we are here to help you out 24/7.

Marketing effectiveness

In order to promote long-term value for the customer, we offer services to measure the effectiveness of marketing – and to increase sales. The basis of everything is advanced analytics, which enables efficient work between our customers and our teams.

Planning for growth

We help our customers plan for long-term growth. We identify the right approaches at market and portfolio level. We use our expertise in working models, goal setting, budgeting and segmentation to build a path to brand and business success.

Grow with campaigns

Automated marketing campaigns raise the profile of your company and make it easier for customers to make a positive purchase decision faster, when the content and functionalities of the campaigns guide the customer to contact you as effortlessly as possible. Automated workflows direct leads directly to sales, and unnecessary intermediate steps are not slowing down sales. Can I pay someone to do my dissertation for me uk? Yes you can.

Cost-effective campaigning

Ready-made bases and easy instructions speed up the construction and implementation of campaigns. In the same platform, all digital channels are managed at the same time, you don’t need third parties, you can see the effectiveness of the campaigns and the costs from the reporting immediately. 

Marketing campaigns

Our service package includes, among other things, the following:

  •  Auditing the current state
  •  Designing marketing campaigns
  •  Technical implementation of marketing campaigns
  •  Setting goals and metrics
  •  Creation of marketing personas
  •  Content production and optimization
  •  Training marketing for independent use in the future
  •  Creating a reporting template

It’s good to look at what already exists

We don’t want to produce unnecessary content, but first we go through the existing content and see if they can be renewed, or if it is necessary to make completely new consistent content for different digital channels, marketing and sales use.

Content according to goals

The starting point of the content plan is a content strategy that takes into account business and sales goals, where you can find buying personas, goals and channels. Taking advantage of this, we make the agreed contents for the agreed channels, taking search engine optimization into account turnkey. 

The interplay of marketing, sales and customer service creates a customer experience

Today, automation is used in almost all areas of the company and the role of AI, i.e. artificial intelligence, is growing even more : As a company, we can be present in our customers’ everyday lives and prioritize personal time use only for qualitatively significant encounters. 

The targeted customer experience can be described. So does the process that is built around it. It covers all essential customer touch points, from the web to the first meeting, to the actual sale and finally to customer service. An organization that previously operated in silos thus moves into the era of shared responsibility and, thanks to the shared e-work environment, collects data and communicates transparently. Get write my dissertation for me UK service at affordable prices, Get in touch with our experts right now!

How does the salesperson initiate the sales sequence?

Pena sends the first email targeted to the decision maker of the company that visited the website, tailored to their situation and possible needs. The email is based on a pre-created, customizable base, i.e. the so-called to the template. Sales automation fills in e.g. names of companies and persons as well as relevant service areas directly from the CRM database.

With the help of Email-tracking functionality, the seller can see that the email has been opened, but there is no reply. The next day, the sales sequence reminds Pena via text message to call the prospect. All actions are logged in CRM, so the sales management can monitor the activity level.

The call does not reach the prospect, so next the automation sends a new email where Pena says that he tried to call and left a message. He offers the prospect links to relevant blogs and also tries to activate the prospect in this way, because all the movements tell about the prospect’s interests and needs or the lack of them. 

What if emails don’t work? With the help of the sequence, we don’t leave the game unfinished. The next step is the LinkedIn connection after three days. A text message reminder in the middle of lunch prompts Pena to send a LinkedIn in mail   to the prospect. For others, social media works better and it is, for example, easy to thank the prospect for getting in touch or direct the seller to a more suitable person.