How Much Does It Cost To Develop Multi-Service App Like Gojek?

Multi Service App Like Gojek

The Gojek clone app is probably at the peak of its notoriety in the present market. As more and more people are coming to appreciate the advantages of a single log in and single download format of being able to access multiple on demand services through their smart phones, entrepreneurs on a global level have recognised it as the most powerful tool of providing stellar services while gaining profits.

If you have been hoping to find the right solution for your on demand business, then chances are that you have been keeping occupied with market trends and pricing of developing such a dynamic app. In today’s blog post, we will try to cover details regarding the app’s popularity, its stand in the market, how you can use it to escalate your profitability and the costs pertaining to the features of the latest Gojek clone app.


Before we get into how you can make the most of this app at the lowest investment to gain highest returns, it is vital to consider what is going on in the present market. You have to be able to recognize precisely the exact thing is happening with your business. Take to the books and recognize

>> How much you wish to invest,

>> What is your business plan?

>> Have you considered the kind of hit the market took owing to the pandemic?

>> What are the regions that need a major push from your end?

>> What is the present state of the market that you wish to launch your app in?

>> And what does your monetary record say?

At the point when you see this data, it is all workable for you. Remember that starting a whole new business or to even start off with a new business format for an existing service can get somewhat demoralizing or cumbersome, however, don’t fall in that pit. This is an ideal time for you to try harder and change the stages utilizing which you have been maintaining your business. A new way to deal with a new beginning.


These troublesome times have become significantly more troublesome due to the absence of the right sort of data. With the web blast and a simple admittance to getting out counterfeit word, on account of the CoVid 19 Novel Corona Virus, there has been more falsehood around than appropriate and exact data.

This is the reason; rather than making a plunge into anything, the main thing that you should do is to comprehend what your clients are searching for at the time being. Now that we are faced with the post CoVid 19 world and things are creeping towards a new normalcy, there will clearly be notices of considerations from government standards and conditions, for example, ordering facial masks and social distancing.

The needs of your customers have changed. The focus of attention has digressed from just securing the best services and products towards getting them in the most hygienic and safe way. Therefore, you Gojek clone app too must adapt accordingly.


The Gojek clone app is a very dynamic application. It has a host of over 82 different types of services all available using a single platform. The popularity of this app is largely based on the fact that the user and the service providers along with stores require to log in to this app just once after downloading it. There are no in app downloads that can get annoying for anyone.

This is why; when you build your Gojek clone app it has to be loaded with the right set of features and be such that it can adapt to the current market needs. In order to build an app of this magnitude, one must have the following resources:

  1. A team of over 10 to 12 professional app and web designers along with writers, quality analysts and market researchers.
  2. Real estate to set up the development centre to develop the app.
  3. Infrastructure to support app development.
  4. Latest technology stack to build a relevant application that is a practical and profitable market solution.

All these resources are capital hungry. This means that you might have to dole out hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to finally create a marketable solution. That, unfortunately is not all. You will also need about a year or more in order to see the final app as the development might take as much time.

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However, don’t be bogged down by this. There is another alternative.

You can invest in a ready made on demand Gojek clone multi service app built by a reputed white label on demand mobile app development company with at least 8 to 10 years of building and launching on demand apps.

Since their apps are in a ready condition and they sell it as a product, you can acquire it at a fraction of the cost. What’s more, you can also go live with this app in less than a week’s time. Therefore, you can start making returns on your investment right from the day you launch the app in the market.


A white label organization fundamentally makes applications for their clients and afterward eliminates their own logo and brand name from it to supplant it with the brand name and logo of the clients. They likewise guarantee that they re-skin the application with the colours that go with the client’s profile. Additionally, the application is sent off under the server accreditations of the client on the Google Play Store and the iOS application store, thereby guaranteeing its complete ownership with you.

White labelling is the least expensive and the quickest method for getting the right sort of Gojek clone multi service booking application. In fact, since the app is already in a built state, you can test it out thoroughly before investing any money in it.


The Gojek clone app is a very profitable solution and you can start making money from it in less than a week’s time. However, if you plan to build it from scratch, it might end up being quite an expensive affair. It is safest and most cost efficient to purchase a ready made Multi Service App Like Gojek built by a white label on demand mobile app Development Company.