Gojek Clone: Convert Your Small Business Into Multi-Service On-Demand Business

gojek clone

Running a business is never easy. Especially when the world has recently recovered from the Covid-19 Global Outbreak! Services were affected very severely during the pandemic. However, an old proverb goes, “time heals everything.” Similarly, the service industry healed with the help of Gojek Clone. This multi-service app proved itself to be the best digital platform where your customers can find more than 101 services and a pack of robust features. 

For better understanding, let’s talk about what is an on-demand multi-service app and how you can convert your existing business into a successful digital business! 

What Is a Gojek Clone App? 

This on-demand app solution is a digital platform where customers can find multiple services. From getting a moto ride to hiring a carpenter, and even sending parcels locally, this mobile app empowers customers to get everything at their fingertips. 

Mentioned below are the services offered on the Gojek Clone app: 

  1. Online taxi booking services like Uber 
  2. Online video consultation with professionals 
  3. Service bidding with the local handymen
  4. On-demand services like a tow truck, dog walker, beautician, car washers, etc. 
  5. Parcel delivery services to nearby areas
  6. On-demand delivery of food, groceries, pharmacy, etc. 
  7. Hiring delivery genie or errand-runner 

Convert Your Small Business into a Multi-service Company 

Eager to know how you can turn your small service business into a giant multi-service business, that too online? Well, here is what you need to do to build your super app: 

1. Start by trying out the demo application 

Trying the  Gojek Clone demo app is the first step toward building your own business. Getting a white-labeled demo app can help you jot down a few important things such as: 

  • How does the application work? 
  • What services and features do I want to integrate? 
  • Where to put the company’s name and logo? 
  • Do I need to change the color theme of the website and the mobile app? 

2. Liked the demo app? Discuss your requirements with the Project Manager 

If you liked the demo app and feel like it is exactly what you needed, move ahead with discussing your requirements with the Project Manager. The Manager is responsible for conveying your requirements directly to the app development teams and creating the Scope Document for you. 

The Scope Document contains details about the deliverables and the cost breakdown of the clone app script package. 

3. Purchase the script to begin with the app development process 

If you finally decide to purchase the Gojek Clone, go ahead with making a one-time payment or partial payment. Thereafter, the team will begin the app development process and by the end of the 1st week, your apps will be ready for launch. 

After developing the apps, the team will upload them onto the firm’s development server before moving ahead with the launch. They will wait for your approval and only then submit the apps to Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 

4. It is time to launch the apps 

After you have checked, reviewed, and tested the apps uploaded on the firm’s server, the team is now ready to submit them to App Stores. 

Since all the white-labeled apps are built keeping in mind the Android and iOS app stores, there is no way the apps would face rejection! However, if the apps are rejected due to a technical issue, the white-labeling firm will provide 100% support for the Gojek Clone app rejection! 


On the whole, if you want to expand your small business into a multi-billion dollar company, you need to take it online. Launching your business on the internet there is nothing better than launching the world’s finest on-demand app solution – the Gojek Clone. 

Get the clone app script from a white-labeling firm that has already developed and launched more than 1200 apps!