How To Convert PST Files To PDF Along With All Attachments?

Convert PST Files To PDF

Summary: If you are also stuck in a situation where you have to send your Outlook PST files to someone else but the person is not using Outlook for personal or professional use, now you want to convert PST files to PDF along with all the attachments. In that case, you can read the full article and learn more about the best Sysinfo PST to PDF Converter Toolthat will solve your problem and is easy to access and use.

PST- Microsoft developed PST (Personal Storage Table) to store Outlook mailbox items such as contacts, calendar events, and email messages. The PST files can only be accessed if another person to whom the file has been sent uses MS Outlook, If the receiver is not causing MS Outlook the person will not be able to access or see the PST files. Now the sender will find the most convenient tool to convert PST files to PDF.

PDF- Developed by Adobe (PDF Portable Document Format) is used to access files, images, and text in an arranged format. The PDF Files can be easily accessed and is convenient to use.

Reasons Why Users Want to Convert PST Files to PDF

The need to convert PST files to PDF depends upon the user to the user, there can be any reason and every reason is accepted. Ahead you will read some popular reasons why users want to convert files PST to PDF.

  • To access PST Files users must have an Email client, while on the other hand, PDFs are easy to access and don’t need an Email client.
  • It has also been reported by the users that PST File have the problem of being corrupted on the other hand PDF files don’t have such a file corruption problem
  • The most important problem PST Files can’t be easily shared but on the other hand, PDFs are easy to share and easily be accessed on any devices

These were the few problems that made the user mind changing PST files to PDF.

Professional Methods for Convert PST Files to PDF Format

The Sysinfo PST to PDF Converter is developed and launched for users who want to convert their PST files to PDf for any reason. The tool helps its users to convert PST files to PDF along with all the attachments, The tool consists of a simple GUI that even a non-technical person can access and use it easily. The tool is supported in every version of the Windows OS including Windows 11.

Other Features of Outlook PST to PDF Converter are:

  • The tool easily convert PST files to PDF with attachment files.
  • It allows users to convert all mailbox items such as Emails, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Journals, etc
  • It consists of an option that filters PST emails based on To, From, Subject, Bcc, and Body to remove duplicate items.
  • It offers a preview of the folders, subfolders, files, and other details.

Benefits of Using the Sysinfo PST to PDF Converter

  • The tool consists of two advanced features to manage the resultant PDF file attachments.
  • It Keeps the original hierarchy, formatting, and properties of the mailbox items.
  • The tool saves Outlook email as PDF and other file formats and email clients too.
  • It supports all the versions of Outlook including Office 365, 2019, 2016, and others.
  • It supports each version of Windows OS, including Windows 11.

After reading the upper content if you are interested in the tool then you can download it from the upper link after that follow the below-mentioned steps to convert PST Files to PDF.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Run the Tool PST to PDF Converter

Step 1: Start the Outlook PST to PDF Converter on your system.

Step 2: The software displays two different options:

             Select Single File or Multiple File

Step 3: You have to select the Multiple Files/Folder option and click the Next button.

Step 4: After that Click on Select Files to browse PST files from the PC and click Open.

Step 5: Check the folders from the tree structure that you want to convert.

Step 6: You can also preview the mail and their attachments files. Click the Next button to continue the process.

Step 7: Select the saving format from the drop-down of Saves/Backup/Migrate As options.

Step 8: Now we will go for the PDF format from the list.

Step 9: Save In Same Folder:- It enables you to make the source and destination folder the same for the resultant folder. and then press enter and the file will be converted and shared to the desired location.


After reading the article users came to know about the PST file and the PDF File and what are the reasons that make users mind converting PST files to PDF. In this article, I have also discussed one of the best PST to PDF converters in the market that makes the conversion process of the file simple and easy to access through its simple GUI.

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