Secure Solution for Converting Outlook Mailbox to PDF Files

convert outlook mailbox to pdf

Hello! I have a lot of email messages that I need to convert to PDF for legal reasons. For mass Outlook emails, the manual way I’ve used tends to take a while. I’m searching for a simple way to convert an Outlook email to a PDF as a result. Please let me know if you know of a trustworthy method for converting Outlook emails in bulk. I can open for automated and manual processes.

The Best Way to Turn Outlook Emails Into PDFs

On any Windows operating system, the following are the best methods for storing emails in Portable Document Format:

Tip 1: Use Outlook Options to Convert Email to PDF

To convert Outlook emails to PDF using the manual method on any Windows system that is not Windows 10, go to a different instruction. For users of Windows 8.1 and above versions, this one is for you:

  • Open the email message you wish to export in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Select the Save As option after clicking the File tab.
  • You’ll see the Save As dialogue box pop up. Choose the saved file’s recipient folder.
  • Give the file a name and choose HTML as the file type.
  • To save the emails in HTML format, click the Save button.
  • Right-click the HTML file now to open it in Microsoft Word.
  • Select PDF from the File > Save As menu to export numerous Outlook emails to a PDF file.

Solution 4: Exporting Windows Outlook emails to PDF format using software

Let’s go over each of the ways outlined in detail, step by step. It is advised that you closely adhere to the directions. Because data loss can result from a single error.

Method 2: Use software to export Windows Outlook emails into PDFs.

Users might use programs like FixVare PST to PDF Converter if they feel that the manual procedure is too time-consuming. Outlook Email can be converted into PDFs using this Windows-based program without causing any data loss.

  • Install the FixVare PST to PDF Conversion Tool after downloading it.
  • To add an Outlook PST file, use the Add File button.
  • Navigate to the Outlook data file and select it before clicking Open.
  • From the choices, choose the PDF format and save it to your PST file.
  • To save an email as a PDF in Outlook Windows, browse your folder and choose the Export option.
  • The procedure will finish with the appearance of a confirmation window.

Give the file the name you want it to have, and click the Save button to save the export report. The window will show the provided address. Go to the directory where the PDF file was stored.

Why export emails from Outlook to PDF format?

Emails can be converted to PDF format for several reasons, including:

  • Simple to Read: PDFs are a popular option since they are simple to read and browse. You can read the email exactly as the sender planned since they keep the original style and scope of the statement.
  • Universal accessibility: Almost any machine, including PCs, tablets, and smartphones, can spread and read PDF files. They are therefore a useful format for email dispersal.
  • Archive: PDFs are aan ideal means of keeping important posts. Your Outlook emails can be simply archived on your PC or in the cloud and recovered at any time by correcting them to PDF format.

All things considered, emails can be more securely held and viewed more easily when they are converted to PDF format.

In a nutshell,

Whatever the reason for wanting to convert an Outlook email to a PDF, this article will undoubtedly be helpful. The best ways to export emails from Outlook to PDF are covered in detail here.