Top 5 Skills to Look Out for When You Hire Django Developers

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As a business, Investing in a new talent or technology can be a significant investment which is why it is essential to do thorough research before you go onboarding the developers. Just like every other service, it implies when you Hire NodeJS Developers as well. 

NodeJS is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment. Which implies it is available without any additional charges, secondly it supports various platforms like Windows, Linux, Unix, MacOS, etc. 

Mostly used for server-side app development processes, it is a framework that can be efficiently utilized for both backend and frontend app development. It comes with many benefits and features which makes it ideal for an efficient, agile and seamless development journey.  

NodeJS allows the developer to start a long-running task while attending to other tasks simultaneously rather than waiting for the task to finish. It uses Asynchronous programming, so it simply eliminates the waiting time in between tasks.

This is why many business owners are preferring NodeJS services and getting in touch with NodeJS development company for proficient and professional services. 

Why Hire NodeJS Developers? 

Hiring a NodeJS developer’s day-to-day tasks include deploying and managing network applications in JavaScript and related frameworks. They develop the backend components and connect applications with third-party web services. Other than that, they also control data between servers and users. 

Benefits of hiring NodeJS experts: 

  • NodeJS regularly updates and integrates new features for minimizing waiting times. If you hire an expert who is familiar with the framework, they will be able to utilize all these features efficiently for quality services.
  • It allows efficient sharing among the developers which enhances the pace of the development process. Also, it comes with NPM which offers effortless code management and deployment. 
  • Since NodeJS allows efficient sharing, simultaneous task runs and requires less computation power to host the web apps, developers can provide faster solutions.
  • NodeJS offers a single-threaded and event-driven design that allows processing multiple requests simultaneously without burdening the RAM. This helps in designing high-performance applications with faster results. 
  • NodeJS allows developers to use a single codebase for complex web app projects which allows the developers to build both client-side and server-side efficiently and easily.  
  • NodeJS framework leverages improved visibility thanks to its backend rendering. It provides great speed and performance, making it an ideal framework to enhance SEO techniques. 
  • NodeJS allows developers to complete and test all the aspects of the app quickly. This helps the developers to build easy-to-deploy apps. It speeds up the final deployment of web apps. 

Businesses tend to connect with the NodeJS development company of their choice so that they can skip the training part and make the process even more faster and efficient. 

Things to Consider Before Hiring the NodeJS Experts

1. Expertise and Experience

Technical hiring is tricky because it requires you to look for specific skills which are needed for your project. This is why it is essential to do a background check on the developer before employing them. 

From their qualifications to the institute they studied in, their top skills and expertise are important for you to know. Are these skills relevant to your project or not and how you can get benefit from these skills, these are all essential things for you to know before you Hire NodeJS Developers for your project. 

NodeJS offers a vast library of diverse relevant frameworks, IDEs and tools, and an adept developer with a good understanding will be able to leverage all of these features. 

2. Engagement Model

The kind of engagement model you choose determines the way developers would interact with the clients and their team in general: 

  • Onsite Model – In this model, companies can connect with outsourcing companies that are from the nearby location. Here you can work with a team of experts who are native to your place, so there won’t be any cultural or communication gap.  However, it is also the most expensive model as the developers would work onsite with the client. 
  • Offsite Model – This model allows you the flexibility to choose from companies around the world. It is flexible and cost-effective as there are no additional infrastructural costs to take care of, the developer you hire will be working remotely. 

However, one of the key disadvantages of this model is the lack of direct communication and the difference in time zone and culture. These factors may create gaps among the team members but can be resolved easily with intentional actions and communication. 

  • Hybrid Model – It is a mix of onsite and offshore, thus making it a preferred choice among businesses. It allows perfect balance among the onsite and offshore employees in a way that augments the whole development process. 

Here things like planning, understanding initial requirements, dealing with clients, etc are done by the onsite team while further requirement discussion, final testing and reviewing are taken care of by the offsite team. 

3. Required Skillset

Some of the technical skills you must look out for while hiring the experts are:  

  • RESTful APIs and API Communications – Since API codes and their integration is a crucial aspect of the NodeJS development process. Ensure that the candidate has in-depth knowledge of RESTful APIs and is able to create custom RESTful APIs. Along with this, they should also be able to deal with and manage communication across various applications. 
  • Asynchronous Programming – NodeJS allows multiple functions to run concurrently which helps the developers to be more productive and complete the tasks at hand in a time-efficient manner. Developers should be familiar with it to take the right actions in case of any hindrances. 
  • Familiarity with Frontend Architecture – Since NodeJS allows both frontend and backend development processes, knowing about various frontend technologies is an essential skill. They should have a thorough knowledge of frontend architecture and development like HTML and CSS. 
  • Efficient in Coding – Writing complex codes makes the development process unnecessarily long and further maintenance difficult. The developer should know how to write efficient codes that others can understand easily and make collaborations simpler. 
  • Data Protection – The NodeJS developer you hire should be familiar with concepts like user authentication, authorization, and data protection to build highly secure online applications which is the primary need for all the clients. 

4. Hiring Model

Based on your project budget, you can either go for in-house permanent hiring, work with a freelancer or outsource the professional. There are things that one must keep in mind when they decide to hire NodeJS developers for their project. 

Hiring an employee permanently can get expensive, while working with a freelancer is not a very reliable when it comes to long-term projects. 

Outsourcing, however, can be seen as the best of both worlds, where you can connect with a NodeJS development company to hire the professionals for their projects. This gives them the excellency of an expert at a much lower cost. 


We hope these points will help you hire NodeJS developers for your projects so that you can leverage their expertise and experiences for your company’s growth. NodeJS is gaining popularity among both businesses and developers for its up-to-date features that augment development process. 

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