5 common mistakes to avoid while writing CV

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It is a crucial step to write a resume when applying for your dream job. It is necessary to leave a good impression on the recruiter in order to land that interview you want. Also keep in mind that you get limited space in this document. So, make sure to stay on point and prioritize elements that must be included. Refrain from adding unnecessary information that is likely to show an unprofessional attitude. Our CV writing experts dubai have compiled guidelines to help you avoid errors which tend to ruin a resume.

Applying without ample research

    It is most important to conduct an in-depth research on the company you are applying to. This will help you be certain about the decision, whether or not the role is meant for you. It will also help you to familiarize and identify with the company’s culture, background, and mission. Through which you can assess if they will align with your own dreams for your future.

    Studying an organization beforehand will also make clear to whom you should address the resume. The number of application which are usually piling on a hiring manager’s desk is usually staggering. With well-placed headings and bullet points you can direct their attention to information that will make their job easier. Researching the position gives you enough understanding to highlight the skills and experiences they are looking for.

    Not following a professional structure

    Another most common resume mistakes seen in resume writing is not prioritizing the form and function of the CV. The recruiter should be able to scan it quickly and receive an overview of your experience as a professional. The mark of a strong resume is its visuals and cohesive structure.

    Maintain a balance between the black and white spaces on your resume. Which means that neither the textual content nor the empty spaces should be overwhelming. When it comes to font, pick one that is legible and not any smaller than 10 pt. Your document should be reader friendly and not persuade your potential employer to toss it aside because of the difficult reading.

    Not having an original personal profile

    If the personal profile section on your resume is jam-packed with cliches, then you will not leave a positive impression. It will be an evidence of your apparent lack of original content. And business owners are usually on the lookout for people who are creative and can think uniquely.

    For instance, candidates most often use the following statement:

    “I am a hard-working professional who can work equally well as part of a team or individually.”

    Now there is nothing wrong with this sentence and it does highlight the best qualities of an employee. However, a great resume will expand on this concept.

    Our experts at Gulf CV design service insist that writing a personal statement is essential in a resume. It gives the prospective employer an idea about your personality, work ethic, and values.

    Not highlighting your achievements

    Candidates often focus on the duties which the role requires, instead of what they are bringing to the table. It is good to mention where you have worked previously. But also focus on what you gained from the position and in turn what you can offer this new company.

    Outlining your key successes is highly necessary. Put the most time and effort on this section followed by the experience and skills. Keep it precise, factual, and easy to read-through.

    Making it too lengthy

    An ideal CV is no longer than a single page. If it is ending up slightly lengthier then give it excellent structure and highlight important parts. This will help it stand out to the hiring manager among the rest of the applications.

    The more experienced professionals can let their CV go on for 2-3 pages. While two pages are more than enough if you are starting out. Focus more on the quality instead of quantity when CV writing.

    We are sure this list of resume mistakes to avoid will improve your CV writing skills. It is also a good idea to reach for professional assistance as it increases your chances of landing an interview. Contact our reliable resume writing service for the best results.

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