Tips to Clean Ducting System of a Commercial Kitchen

kitchen exhaust ducting system

Being a commercial kitchen owner, you might be already aware of the significance of keeping the kitchen exhaust ducting system clean. It is essential equipment for processing grease, smoke, and other pollutants out of the kitchen. The system helps to maintain the healthy air flowing into the kitchen and ensures that each one working in the kitchen is safe. 

The role of ducts is to keep functioning the whole day. Hence, keeping it clean and operating smoothly without losing its efficacy is essential. But it happens most of the time that commercial kitchen owners fail to maintain cleanliness. The reason is they do not follow the regular cleaning routine or do not know how to efficiently clean the duct systems.

So, let us share with you the effective cleaning tips that can boost the efficacy and functioning of the duct system in the commercial kitchen.  

How to Clean the Kitchen Exhaust Ducting System?

Turn Off the Kitchen Exhaust System Before Beginning Duct Cleaning

Many people think kitchen exhaust ducting system cleaning is complex and time-consuming. Yes, it is true to some extent. But the stress and complexities are easy to overcome. The first step you need to follow is to power off the switch before beginning the process. This will save the individual, be it you or the staff member, from electric shock. Additionally, it will prevent any accidental damage to the lives or simply the electronic appliances. 

Now, you might be wondering that it is a simple process but remember it is the vital step of all. The benefits it offers are below.

  • The vibrations that cause dust and other particles to fly away are stopped when the power is turned off.
  • Also, the power shut down eliminates the chances of any accidents during the entire cleaning procedure. 

Utilize Vacuum to Eliminate Dirt Particles From Inside the Ducts

The vacuum system makes it simple to maintain the kitchen ducts clean in the most efficient manner possible. Kitchen exhaust ducts are unquestionably necessary for keeping the kitchen sanitary, clean, and free of toxins. 

However, they are closed on two of the sides which can easily allow the grease or dust to accumulate inside. This is the reason why regular vacuuming is necessary. 

  • It will properly eliminate the debris, smoke, or grease from the duct system.
  • Any vent clogging will be easy to clean.
  • Vacuuming will save the ducts from getting dirty very frequently. 
  • It is an ideal alternative to hiring expert cleaners now and then. 

Use Aerosol Degreaser to Wipe Out the Duct’s Grease

Grease accumulation in the ducts can be disastrous. The ducts prohibit the air from moving about freely. It also collects dust particles, preventing them from distributing throughout the commercial area.

This is where wiping out the grease frequently using a cleaning solution like aerosol greaser comes as the solution. Now, you must be aware of how often the cleaning solution should be used. Some may find it useful once or twice a year. However, owing to the high amounts of cooking, it may be utilized frequently in industrial kitchen duct system cleaning.

Simply said, it relies on how much cooking occurs in your industrial kitchen and how messy the ducts become with time. 

Scrubbing is Essential

Use the cream cleaners or the liquid to wash up any stains that are hard to scrub off. Put your efforts into scrubbing the pesky duct areas until they’re all gone. It’s possible that you’ll have to wash the duct ends multiple times until all of the dirt or grime is removed.

The reason for this is that dust or grease particles get stuck over time. As a result, getting rid of it can become more challenging than usual.

Clean the Duct From Outside

The vent ducts from the outside are easy to clean with the same technique as the scrubbing. The only difference will be that the ducts will be easy to unscrew and wash them using liquid soap and hot water. 

This is an incredibly simple technique to execute and give the best results when given little care. 

Consider Installing Duct Access Doors for Better Cleanliness

Of course, the duct interiors are difficult to reach and thus tough to keep clean. This is why there are duct access doors. Along with the ducting, these panels must be put in balanced spaced increments. 

These are the doors that are simple to install and maintain while also allowing for easy inspection. Oils, smoke, steam, fats, and grease are easily removed from the insides of ducts, thanks to the installation of such access doors. Also, it reduces the risks of fire hazards and better functioning.  In addition to improved cleanliness, it helps in better airflow and reduction of bacteria, dust, and mold growth. 

Summing Up

The kitchen exhaust ducting system must be cleaned and disinfected regularly. The reason is it can help prevent grease buildup and other impurities from clogging the ducting. Also, it is a safety measure to keep the commercial kitchen safe from cooking fumes and other odors that take place in the kitchens. The vent ducts in the commercial kitchen require a lot of attention and it is not as difficult as you see.

So, if you own a commercial kitchen, you can not overlook the need for cleaning the ducting system from time to time. This all is easy to achieve by following all these tips shared above. In addition, hiring expert kitchen exhaust ducting system cleaners can be of great help. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Keep your commercial kitchen ducts clean, environment hygienic, and healthy with these tips.

Hope you find this write-up helpful.

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