How to Choose the Right Lawn Mower for Your Yard?

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There are several key points when buying a lawnmower. First of all, we must bear in mind that there are six large groups of mowers, manuals, those that are electric, but with cable, electric with battery, robotic, those that move with gasoline and tractors.

It should also be noted that another relevant aspect is the surface that is to be cut, a small garden is not the same as a large garden. Therefore, we must be very careful and intelligent when making a selection.

Now we will expose the different mowers that exist:

Manual Mowers

Are those that have no motor, that is, a physical effort is required by the user. They are not recommended for large surfaces because, in addition to effort, you will lose a lot of time. They are highly recommended for small gardens and for places that can not be accessed with a larger machine. It is recommended for lawns that are very well cared for.

Electric Mowers

They are lighter than gasoline, can be handled easily and are cheaper. As they do not have gasoline, they do not need a lot of maintenance, not to mention maintenance is almost nil. It is recommended for surfaces between 100 and 500 square meters.

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However, it should be noted that if they have a cable, they will need a power outlet nearby, which means that they can not handle work on very large surfaces. There are also models that self-propel; that is, the movement of the electric motor is transferred to the wheels, makes them turn and move the mower.

The Battery Electric Mowers

They are, obviously, much more independent and since they do not have a cable you can move better with them, that is, you have greater freedom of movement. The maintenance as it is an electric motor is minimal. It should be noted that lithium batteries charge faster than conventional batteries, and do not break down if they are not fully discharged.

Robots: I’m not very supportive of these robotic machines, especially if you have young children, because, however good the technology can always fail. However, this option exists autonomous and programmable robots. They serve to cut the grass and automatically return to the starting point. They serve for surfaces of about 200 square meters. Their consumption is very low, and the noise they make is very low. For this reason, to be able to put them in a more regular way, you can always have the impeccable grass.

Gasoline Grass Cutting Machine

They are the most powerful, as they have an internal combustion engine that provides much greater power. They are very autonomous since they do not have cable and they are also more independent, the only problem they can give you is that they are more polluting and require greater maintenance. Two external elements are needed: gasoline and oil.

Finally, lawn tractors are very comfortable and are ideal for large surfaces. It is not necessary to do anything more than get on and start mowing the lawn in a very efficient way.

However, in addition to knowing the types of lawn mowing machines that exist, it is also important to know their parts: the handlebar, the chassis, the bag, the mulching, and the regulating element.

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The handlebar serves to adjust it to the height of the user so that it is more ergonomic. If you buy a foam one, you can absorb the vibrations.

The chassis can be made of different materials, such as plastic, steel, or stainless steel (this is considerably more expensive). It is more durable and resists moisture better, but as we said the latter is more expensive.

  • The collection bag that allows collecting the cut grass. They usually have a warning that indicates when the collector should be emptied.
  • The mulching that crushes the grass so that it can be used as fertilizer, it is highly recommended that your lawnmower has one of these.
  • The regulator is looking to regulate the height of cut, to leave the lawn more or less high.

The price of a lawn mower

When buying a lawnmower we must decide, mainly, between an electric or gasoline. The advantages of electric are that they do not need maintenance, make little noise, and consume little. The main advantage of gasoline is that they have a much higher power.

Prices of electric grass cutters

They range from 80 euros to 600 euros the best. However, they are not expensive at all. They are very affordable prices considering that they are mowers that are very efficient and that save a lot of time.

Prices of Gas Turf Cutters

Generally, they are more expensive, and the price range is higher. Between 150 euros and up to about 3000 euros. But the extra power is worth it, that is, what you save time you can dedicate to your work, family or business.

Choose a gasoline lawnmower, electric or manual?

Regarding the model that you will need, of course, it depends on the needs you have. However, there are two fundamental parameters when choosing a lawnmower: the regularity of the floor and the size of the surface of the same.

In what refers to the irregularity of the ground if it is flat we can opt for any type of lawn mower. However, if this is pronounced or irregular, a self-propelled gasoline model is better. That way, we will not have to bother to push him.

According to the size of the surface

Up to 200 square meters

The lawnmower can be manual or electric since they do not have much power and they are useful for small plots of land.

From 200 to 500 square meters

One electrical with cable, battery, or programmable robot are good solutions.

From 500 to 1000 square meters

Since the surface is very large, it will be best to use a gasoline lawn mower.

Cutting brands

In this small section, we will talk about the main brands:

The Bosch lawn mower

Bosch is a good brand, but like all good brands, it is expensive. However, the price can be seen in the quality. It has systems like Ergoflex that allows a good adaptation, so the ergonomics is very good. It is a highly recommended brand.

The Black Decker Trimmer

It is a brand with a very good reputation within its scope. His tools are powerful, especially electric mowers. They are very versatile, have a high performance and a good commitment to the environment.

The Einhell Trimmer

They have the Ready Start S2 technology, which allows the start-up to occur properly. They have a high quality, and the housings are made of very good materials, such as steel with powder coating. In general, it is a highly recommended brand.

How to choose a gasoline lawn mower?

When choosing the best gas push lawn mower, we will have to take into account if, indeed, it is appropriate to have one. To do this, we must allude to the parameters we referred to before, that is, that the terrain is irregular or that the surface to be cut is large.

Inside the gas, mowers should be set on the power and width of the mower. For example, the wider the mower, the more grass it can cut at a time. If you have a large garden, it is ideal for it.

You also have to see if you want it to be rotary or helical. It allows us a rotating one to have a lawn with a good aspect and at a good price. Helical are more for professionals.

How to choose an electric lawnmower?

The parameters are very similar to those of gasoline; that is, we will have to see if it fits our needs or not. They are ideal for small and medium terrains. And if you can choose better than it is without cable, even if you sacrifice some power. I’m not a supporter of the cable, I find it very uncomfortable.

Find the one that is more powerful, since the power never exceeds. Remember that the cutting width fits your needs.

How does a manual lawn mower work?

The operation is very simple. They work with the thrust of the body that causes the movement to move to the helical blades that do the rest. However, this does not imply that they are easy to use; they have some difficulty. To make a good cut you have to advance linearly, that is, without kinks. For better finishing, it is convenient to review the areas a couple of times.

The advantages of these mowers are that they are ecological, they are very portable, they are little noisy and although it costs to learn to use them when you master the technique it turns out to be very easy.

The drawbacks are that they only serve for very small gardens.

What are we going to set ourselves to choose the best manual mower?

You should look at four aspects:

The type of blades

Personally, I prefer the helical type cut in the mowers in the manuals, not in the electric or gasoline.

The cutting width

That is not too big so you can cut the edges well, but not too small, because if you do not have to be very long.

In the comfort and the sensations that you transmit

The weight

Not being self-propelled what you have to do is choose, in my opinion, a light one that allows you to transport it properly.

With this guide, in conclusion, you will be able to buy the perfect lawn mower for your garden or for your small sports enclosure. Remember that you must choose intelligently so as not to be forced to make a bad purchase.

The investment you make should be smart, and remember, as advice in case you are not someone with advanced knowledge, do not cut the lawn when it is wet since the cut is irregular and mushrooms may appear. We hope you liked it and learned a lot.

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