Men’s Style Guide To Celebrate Linen Kurta This Festive Season

embroidery linen kurta

Here’s the festival that the entire country together celebrates. This is the time for togetherness, enjoyment, fun, and full-of-life moments. Sweets, lights, diyas, flowers, family and friend visits, and what not; just the name, Diwali is enough to bring happiness, joy, and smiles on our faces. In any given year, this very time is the time of fun when everyone wants to look rich traditionally yet fashionably to their best. Here is brought to you ‘Linen Kurta style’ guide, especially for men, to make this Diwali more vibrant, memorable, and rocking than ever before through the suggested variety of styles of linen kurta!

Fashion and Style for men traditionally become somewhat turning during such festivals. Be it Diwali, Holi, Eid, or a family function, dressing remarkably is always a good idea to be the center of attraction from those around you.

Asymmetric Linen Kurta for Men

This very style of linen kurta is particularly made for those men who want to go off the mainstream style of straight and plain kurtas. You probably might have seen offset cutting shape of kurtas on several occasions or events and even on a television reality show and daily soap as well. With such kind of style of linen kurta, that is, the Asymmetric ones, celebrities like Ranvir Singh, Ranbir Kapoor, Varun Dhawan, Shahid Kapoor, etc are sometimes spotted. This asymmetric style of linen kurta comes with an angular cut on either of the hanging sides of the kurta, opposite of what kurtas used to be earlier traditionally. Moreover, such linen kurtas can also come as well with a straight cut on the edge, but those kurtas come under a different category you shall probably read about in your further reading of this article.

Mandarin Linen Kurta

Men wearing Kurtas with mandarin collar style are often seen. The Mandarin collar style of kurta with Linen fabric is what makes all the difference especially on different festivals and occasions. Not just this, the same variety can also be seen worn on a casual basis – sometimes proper kurta with jean or sometimes a kurta little shorter than a standard kurta and longer than a shirt which is generally put on untucked. Let’s try something different this time by taking a break from the usual style of collars, the flappy ones, and by trying the ones which are subtle in look. Kurtas with mandarin collar style are generally available in these varieties – cotton kurta, linen kurta, and kurtas made of other materials. 

Side Straight Cut Linen Kurta

This is one of the other varieties of an offset cut linen kurta, but it is different from the asymmetric linen kurta that we had earlier talked about in the same article. The style and design of its cut separate it from the style of an asymmetric kurta. The side straight cut style of linen kurta sometimes has such a design in which there can be seen a single side pocket on the side opposite to the cut to balance the maintenance of the overall contrast. In addition to that, the color of the pajama or that of the dhoti completes the whole look when it fills the kurta border from the cut. Flaunting yourself with this linen kurta design is what you are looking forward to on this coming festival season or occasion.     

Brocade Style Linen Kurta

The name of this style of Kurta, that is, the brocade, comes from a fabric known as Brocade. It gives you a royal look. It, though, seems to have been made from a heavy fabric, but it feels pretty cool, easy, and comfortable and is all set to make you feel a royal personality. For a proper and traditional royal feel in terms of look, pairing it with a golden churidar salwar is unfailing magic. 

Short Linen Kurta

Short Linen Kurta is yet another style of Linen Kurtas which, as it is clear with its name, ends usually before the hip-line. They are shorter than the standard length of kurtas and a little longer than the shirts. This variety of Linen kurta is available both in Mandarin collar and with normal collar also. These short linen kurtas can also be put on with jeans. They can be of any color or design according to your taste. In the world of the latest fashion for men, short kurta comes and go but they never say goodbye to the fashion of any era. 

Embroidery Linen Kurta 

Any style of kurta can be designed and decorated with embroidery. Embroidery on a linen kurta doubles its beauty and charm like anything. As a matter of standard fashion, embroidery is done on kurtas either on the back or cuffs or on collars. As far as the color of the embroidery is concerned, it is generally colored in the color scheme of the dhoti or pajamas whichever is put on with the Linen kurta. The designs of the embroidery can range from Rajasthani signature design to Gujarati to Kashmiri to Himachali; that is up to you. It can be customized in any way. 

Pathani Linen Kurta

When Linen kurtas are being talked about, the talk cannot complete without the mention of Pathani Kurtas. If you try this outfit, it marks such an impression on those around you that you are never unforgettable. It also symbolizes a dominating personality. It is a traditional as well as classic attire which is undoubtedly classy when made of Linen fabric. Whenever you get confused while getting ready for a festival or party, you can always choose to wear a Pathani linen kurta with salwar and set the surrounding on fire with your rocking look. It generally has a standard style of collars and buttoned cuffs.  

The Simple yet chic Linen Kurta and Pajama

There’s nothing wrong in calling a linen kurta a classic. It has royalty and sophistication in simplicity. A twist can also be brought about by using a colorful Linen pocket square as well which would make all the difference, adding a character to the whole look.

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