5 Careers in the Automotive Industry You Didn’t Consider

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When you consider available jobs in the automotive industry, you might be thinking the only openings are for mechanics or car salesman, but the reality is there’s a considerable amount of variety.

The automotive industry covers many different kinds of work that need to be done. Everything from physical labor to quality checks to customer service plays an integral role in people’s ability to buy, sell, and repair vehicles.

Here are 5 career paths in the automotive industry you probably didn’t consider.

Quality-Testing Engineer

Ensuring car safety is easily one of the top priorities for auto manufacturers. No one wants to one day realize a flaw in their product caused someone serious bodily harm and no one wants to buy a potentially hazardous product; that’s where quality-testing engineers come into play.

These engineers are responsible for determining whether or not certain facets of a vehicle’s design meet safety and quality standards. They’re usually the ones who orchestrate crash tests and make sure all electrical and technological components of a car function properly.

Typically, they work in teams and devise potential scenarios where quality control might be an issue, test them, and then devise solutions to whatever issues arise.

Auto Electrician

No modern car is complete without a full set of electronic gadgets to go with it. Auto electricians are frequently consulted to figure out what the problems with electrical systems are. They can usually be found working alongside mechanics in autobody shops, although they usually just focus on electrical components.

Auto electricians are principally responsible for diagnosing problems with a vehicle’s electrical system and fixing the issue if one exists. This can include simple things like fixing a couple of wires attached to a headlight or more advanced solutions, such as a complete overhaul of a vehicle’s electrical components.

Auto Instructor

Very few things are more important in this world than education, especially for our children. Auto instructors, which often work in either a high school or trade school setting, are tasked with teaching people about the many different facets of a car’s design and functionality. They both instruct and oversee their students engaging in hands-on training.

If you enjoy explaining how cars work to other people and like providing knowledge to the next generation, then this job might just be for you.

Car Detailer

When it comes to automotive recruiting, car detailers are usually in high demand. Although a relatively simple job, it’s incredibly important for those looking to keep their vehicles in tip-top shape or for rental companies trying to keep their inventory presentable.

Detailers maintain the cleanliness and appearance of the inside and outside of vehicles. Tasks include, but are not limited to, waxing, painting, polishing, vacuuming, deodorizing, applying finishes, and shining metal components.

Due to the personalized nature of many cars, detailers need to have good communication and customer service skills to make sure clients are receiving the exact look and feel they’re interested in.

If you’re thinking of eyeing a more entry-level position in the automotive industry, then detailing work would be an excellent starting point.

Vehicle Inspector

Vehicle inspectors have a very multi-faceted job, with the task of determining if vehicles meet all legal and practical requirements for use.

They check to see if cars are damaged, are lacking necessary features, and search for any components that are failing to operate properly. They typically use a litany of specialized devices to see if all the electronic and mechanical components in a vehicle are functioning as they should and even engage in emissions testing to see whether a car is in line with established regulations.

Based on their findings, inspectors will recommend all the changes or repairs they deem necessary and after the issues have been worked on, they will re-inspect everything to see if a vehicle is in proper order.

Finding The Right Career for You

Lots of people have cars and it’s an exciting field for many, so if you’re interested in a career in the automotive industry, then there’s plenty of avenues you can go down.

There are a plethora of positions that require varying levels of expertise and knowledge. Whether you’re a total expert on everything car-related or are just starting, there’s bound to be a job out there somewhere for you.

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