Improve Cancer Detection and Treatment with PSMA PET Scan

psma pet scan

Prostate cancer is a common cancer type in males. It grows slowly and is limited to the prostate gland. The spread and growth of cancer depend on the type of prostate cancer. This cancer type, if detected at the early stage has more chance of being treated successfully.

PSMA PET Scan is the newest imaging procedure that is used to detect prostate cancer. The detection at an early stage makes it easier for doctors to plan customized and effective treatment. The benefit of the PSMA PET Scan that makes it different from other cancer detection techniques is that with this technique it is possible to identify cancer not only inside but outside the prostate gland also. This is highly beneficial for those patients also who are experiencing recurrent cancer even after the successful treatment as well as having the risk of spreading cancer to other body parts.

Earlier prostate cancer is detected through the blood test and according to the result of the PSA blood test, the doctor decides the treatment. But now, advanced cancer detection technique like PSMA PET (prostate-specific membrane antigen positron emission tomography) scan is considered the best marker to identify prostate cancer even when it is present outside the prostate gland. It is famous as the improved marker for the detection and treatment of this specific type of cancer. In this blog, we will discuss the PSMA PET Scan in the detail. So that you can get the answer to every query that comes into your mind when you hear about the PSMA PET Scan. The very first question that usually comes into the mind of an individual is, why do I need a PSMA PET scan?

Why Is a PSMA PET Scan Needed?

The PSMA PET Scan is a more specific and sensitive technique to detect and identify cancerous cells. With the help of the prostate-specific membrane antigen positron emission tomography scan, the cancerous cells can be easily identified in the form of bright spots along with the location of the prostate cancer. The information about the exact location of cancer helps doctors in developing the most effective treatment for the patients in the form of surgical or non-surgical treatments like radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and surgical procedure.

Another question that usually comes into mind is How is PSMA PET Scan performed?

To perform the PSMA PET Scan, the certified technologist will inject the patient with a radioactive substance and ask the patient to lie down on an examination table for an hour. Once the radioactive material absorbs into the body. The patient slides the table into the PET scanner to capture the images of the body parts for detection of cancer and its location along with the spread.

Risks/ Adverse Effects of The PSMA PET Scan

The PSMA PET scan is a safe procedure to detect cancer in the gland with a high level of accuracy but some patients experience some temporary symptoms that go away soon such as a metallic taste in the mouth, headache, fatigue, nausea, and allergic reaction, etc. because of the exposure to the radiations.

Price of PSMA PET Scan

Because the PSMA PET scan is an advanced technique. So, every individual thinks that it would be costly. The price of a PSMA PET Scan near you in Delhi ranges from INR 23600 to INR 24900.


PSMA PET scan is a revolutionary imaging technique that has transformed the way to identify prostate cancer not only at the cellular but at the molecular level too. This scan is considered the best diagnostic tool to identify cancer and its location in the patient who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, has a higher chance of cancer spread or has recurrent cancer even after the initial treatment for prostate cancer. The PSMA PET Scan uses a radioactive tracer that is absorbed and visualized in cancerous cells. Because of its functional benefits, this scanning technique has become famous worldwide. This advanced imaging technique helps the doctor to evaluate whether the spread of prostate cancer is limited to the inside of the prostate gland or has spread beyond the prostate gland. Prostate cancer has different types. Some cancers don’t spread and the prostate cancer that has spread, it’s known as metastatic prostate cancer. The doctor recommends prostate cancer preventive treatments to prevent it from recurrence, depending on the spread of the disease to other body parts.

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