How to Scale Up Your Business with Accounting Software?

Accounting Software

Businesses cannot be successful without the proper management of finances! It is true irrespective of the business size & type. They need to prioritize leveraging suitable accounting software to drive business growth. If you’re doing business for some time now & looking for instant solutions to business accounts related problems then choose accounting software with the latest features.

As the business owner, one needs to acquire the resources needed for proper management of finances. Scale up the business by using a proven accounting tool to manage the accounting operations. It will result in an increase in customer base, proper flow of funds, reduce unwanted expenses, & support the client’s needs. This post will highlight the need to scale up business with the right accounting tools & the list of famous accounting platforms.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Exactly Business Scale-Up in Terms of Accounting?
  2. Strategies to Scale-Up Business with Accounting Software
  • It helps to stay on top of expenses
  • Automate the accounting process
  • Integrate the accounting operations
  • Hire the accounting experts

Top Accounting Software in Use for Businesses

  • QuickBooks
  • FreshBooks
  • Sage 50cloud
  • AccountEdge Pro


What is Exactly Business Scale-Up in Terms of Accounting?

Initially, the business does everything to survive in the market, with the focus on adding more customers & enhancing the revenues. But, for long-term growth, they need to make strategic decisions that will impact the entire business structure & operational processes.

Scaling up the business means taking the business a notch higher with the management of resources & servicing of clients. The main thing to focus on is the management of business operations and standardization of workflows & processes. Businesses will start experiencing growth & higher revenues with the right steps for business scale-up.

Are you having an established business that is valuable to the market? Scale up the business with standardization of the processes that are used to drive revenue. One of the important things in it is the standardization of pricing strategy so that clients can understand the price equation & predict the revenue model. The businesses will be much more efficient if the revenue models are standardized & can be easily replicated by the clients.

Strategies to Scale-Up Business with Accounting Software

Accounts management can be the least enjoyable function for a startup & good accounting is promoting transparency in the business operations. It provides the right kind of visibility for the company & poor accounting can lead to serious challenges and impede growth.

Here are some of the best ways to scale up business with accounting software –

It helps to stay on top of expenses

A mistake made by some businesses is that neglect to record the expenses in the business operation. By the end of the year, they don’t have control over the expenses done by the business. Use the accounting software to keep track of deductible expenses, prepare tax returns, & build financial statements.

Automate the accounting process

Accounting technology is the potential solution to streamline the business operations & automate accounting needs. It is advisable to automate the low-value tasks & map out the standard workflow to identify the needs from process improvements. The technology can be used to automate billing, track payments, manage projects, and more.

Integrate the accounting operations

Different types of accounting functions or needs can be integrated into the right kind of accounting software. Integrate the operations with the accounting solutions for the scale-up of business operations.

Hire the accounting experts

Take the help of accounting professionals to know the best accounting tool that will scale up the business operations. They will assist in the identification of the right kind of accounting tool that suits the business accounting needs.

Top Accounting Software in Use for Businesses


It is the ultimate choice or go-to accounting application for small businesses. The QuickBooks Desktop version is serving the firms & organizations in its capacity, but the online application is also having all the necessary features available in the desktop version. QuickBooks desktop for accounting is preferred by all the traditional CPAs who are new to the cloud or looking to transfer the application online. It is the choice for niche industries like manufacturing, construction, various-sized businesses, and non-profit organizations.

The QuickBooks application can be hosted on a cloud server and it includes all the features to connect to your bank account, invoicing, and inventory management. Make sure you contact the right kind of hosting provider to ensure you face minimum downtime in your QuickBooks account online.


Are you starting a new online business? Looking for the best ways to manage business accounting? FreshBooks is an online bookkeeping and accounting application that is perfect for consultants, CPAs, and sole proprietors.

The online application has a Team version where one can add employees and users as needed. It is the kind of forum or platform that has been designed keeping in mind the needs of non-accountants. The application has superb invoicing capabilities that make the application the most desirable one.

The features like time tracking and inventory management can connect with any of the bank accounts. In FreshBooks, one can create job estimates & formal proposals. You can access the financial statements very easily, but the reporting option is limited in the tool.

Sage 50cloud

It is the tool for businesses looking for the best reporting options! The Sage 50cloud cloud accounting includes accounts payable, receivable, general ledger, and payroll. You can generate financial statements easily that will include balance sheet reporting. The software is suited for both small & growing businesses that include customer & vendor management.

The accounting platform includes inventory management capabilities and Quantum plans with product assemblies. The two top benefits of using cloud accounting are scalability and budgeting capability. It has three scalable plans namely – Pro (single user), Premium (supports five users), and Quantum (up to 40 users).

AccountEdge Pro

It is the tool/software that can be installed on the desktop and accessed on the cloud. It is great for start-ups and small businesses. AccountEdge Pro is offering a comprehensive inventory management module if you are selling products at the right place.

With the accounting tool, you can track the detailed information of each product like pricing levels. You will get regular alerts about the stock drops and it includes capabilities to build your inventory items from the start. The accounting tool has features like sales & invoicing, payroll module, and time tracking. You get to access fully customizable reports available in different categories.


Businesses need to look for the right kind of solutions to assist businesses to reach the desired heights. Your business accounting doesn’t need to be complicated if you find the right tools that are right for the business. Make a list of features and shortlist the apps mentioned above or any other to bring in accounting efficiency in the business. Shortlist the accounting software that is assisting you with the financial management of the top quality.

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