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Starting a business is often regarded as a beautiful dream carefully nurtured and protected in our hearts until the big day to take risks reveals itself. But, it’s never so sudden. It never “One” day when you wake up and decide you are ready to startup in the UK business. It takes years of careful planning, saving and strategizing to finally be able to, sort of, slip into the river of business, swimming with the currents to meet the ocean of setting up an empire.

Sometimes, these currents are favorable and sometimes they aren’t. When we hear the word “startup” one automatically assumes that the currents will be unfavorable, rough, and challenging to say the least. But that doesn’t have to be the case. The currents can be favorable if you so wish.

How do you ask? Well, understanding which business trends are in demand is half the battle won. If you wish to start your own business here in the UK, here’s a list of some of the most successful Startups in the UK and how you can build your business along the same lines.

Top Startups in the UK


This is probably one of the world’s smartest home security systems. They don’t need any sensors, no wires, and no setup. Everything is connected through the internet. This business is booming quite well here. They have employed a patented technology called Subsound. This technology allows you to monitor your entire home using your smartphone.

What you can do

Now, we don’t want to be cheaters, right? So, we won’t copy their business model exactly. Also, it’s a LOT of effort to get your business off the ground when such complex technology is involved. Alternatively, you can start your own Security guards on demand app. This app would allow your user to look for and hire security guards in and around your area at a predefined cost. is a unique online portal that allows users to hire home cleaners all over UK, France, and Ireland at a fixed cost of 10 pounds an hour. This platform is growing aggressively and has created a demand of its own.

What you can do

Take it a notch further. Why restrict yourself to websites when you can actually offer an app to do this. Buy an On demand Maid services clone and launch that as your business. This will allow users to select the category of cleaning that they would like, for example, home or office space, garden or indoor, bathroom, or kitchen etc. And each place and the task would have a different rate as per the effort and materials required. It couldn’t get more customized than this.


Syft is another new business startup that allows job seekers to find their desired jobs across the United Kingdom. On Syft, people can find jobs of their choice including on demand jobs too.

What You Can Do

It has become one the great platform for job seekers. Syft is basically a recruitment agency but offers their services in more advanced form. They offer services through their greatly built business models which is very convenient and reliable for job seekers. It offers opportunities for both, for the job seekers as well as the companies who are demanding for more staff. There are no middlemen, Syft directly connects the job seeker to the employers. It is working perfectly and is expanding rapidly.


Monese is a well-known startup founded in the United Kingdom. It offers banking services and allows customers to open current accounts without any of the paper works. They do not even ask for any local residential proofs or any credit history. Before the launch of this startup, more than 56,000 customers already registered for the services of Monese as banking becomes very easy with their amazing services.

What You Can Do

Without a single dot problem, you can open a current account for business transactions. You can easily transfer money to your traditional bank accounts. There is no extra service cost appears while transferring money. No credit history and the local residential proof is required. All this you can do directly with their mobile application. Each and every service of Monese is free of cost except international money transfer. Recently Monese has launched their new additional plan that does not have any fixed monthly fee.

This is another fantastic online option for the users to get any kind of an “odd job” undertaken easily. It’s a solution that helps you take care of your chores without worrying about anything else. The hottest thing about this application is that it carried out the first “drone” delivery in the UK. With a little support from the government, drone deliveries could be a normal thing in London.

What you can do

Going in similar lines, create (or buy) an On Demand Service provider app. This app should be able to help you hire any kind of Service Provider through a single tap on your phones. Users can even track where the Service Provider has reached, get an invoice for the task and also get a fair idea of the price involved before they actually hire the service provider.

Startup Business Of Your Dreams…

There is no waiting when you have already planned for your dream business. Invest and give it a chance once but make sure you commence your business with a business model as it has become a trend.

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