What Is So Exciting About Audi A5 Sportback 2021?

audi a5 sportback

The A4 sedan and the audi a5 sportback coupe is what involve really the outer dynamics of the vehicle A5 by Audi, and the car does look more practical and subtle than it appears.

The ute also carries a long landed cargo spacing at the very back to get your ‘Hooman’ reclined on any of your off-road journeys.

The car also earns a point on the ‘Editor’s Choice’ and competes against the BMW Gran Coupe 4 Series and the Kia Stinger and the car is all set to enchant the ‘Interior Ridden People’ with the best of tech-geek interior made at the hands of the German automaker.

Something New For Audi A5 Sportback

Just like the A5 and A5 lineup, the Audi A5 Sportback goes equipped with the 12 Volt hybrid system and the car received a ‘40’ turbo-four-cylinder engine from its sibling ‘A4’ and earlier there was only a ‘45’ engine that was given as the sole offering by the company.

Both the engines have been raised with a 13 horsepower

The base model comes with Apple Car Play
A toll-road responsive system with a transponder
Lane departure warning system
The convenience model includes a heated steering wheel, front parking sensors along with rear parking sensors
The mid-range model includes driver assistance features
Prestige model offers heated rear seats

Audi A5’s sportback Engine Profile

There are two major offerings by the Team Audi for the A5 Sportback. These engines are turbocharged 4 cylinders with powerful powertrains and these engines incorporate a 12-volt hybrid system.

Model donning the ‘40’ provides a somewhat 201 horsepower
Model wearing ‘45’ provides a somewhat 261 horsepower
All models of A5 come with a seven-speed automatic transmission
The all-wheel-drive is kept as standard
The Sportback model is confident, powerful, and highly agile in performance measures

MPG Ratings And Fuel Economy

The MPG ratings of the vehicle are pretty impressive and offer a somewhat 25 and 34 in the city and on the highway respectively.  Therefore the vehicle’s performance and real-world MPG can’t be measured until it is tested on the most famous 75 mph of highway and the MPG ratings of the older A5 by Audi gave around 34 MPG.

Safety And Security Standards

The new Audi A5 Sportback earned a great amount of attention from the NHTSA and IIHS which are more known as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Insurance Institute Of Highway Safety.

Audi offers some great extension of driver assistance features but some of the premium features are available only on the Prestige and Premium models.

Some of the key safety features of the car are

Lane departure warning system as standard
Forward collision warning as standard
Automated emergency braking as standard
Lane-keeping assist
An adaptive cruise control

Warranty Regimen And Miles Covered

The warranty regime of the vehicle didn’t anywhere stand as at par with the rivals and didn’t even provide something like that of the KIA’s Stinger but let’s check out what are the offerings of the vehicle.

Warranty SchemesMiles Covered
Limited Warranty50,000/4 years
Powertrain Warranty50,000/4 years
Complimentary Warranty10,000/1 years

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