How To Boost Gaming Performance On An Android Phone

increase phone performance for gaming

In the last few years, mobile gaming has become a popular source for gaming such as android, computers and consoles. Mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS have dramatically improved and this has made it possible for larger, more comprehensive games to load on the go. The level of processing required also increases with more details, directly putting a load on the GPU of the mobile.

Brands have started to create special gaming smartphone with additional features such as improved cooling, cooling systems and a higher refresh rate for better display.

A very usual approach now is to ship along with a “Gaming Mode” based software that improves the phone’s performance automatically. In order to improve their games and give decent gameplay, even game makers have started working with OEMs.

A great way to get busy and connect with people from all over the world is to play games on your mobile device. There are a variety of things you can do on your Android device to increase gaming performance, and here are indeed a few of them.

Accessing the settings for the Developer Option

You will come across a number of settings that can help enhance your gaming experience after you have powered up the developer options on your Android device. One of the first things that you should do is to search for the Force 4x MSSA feature. Enabling this option will enable you to run the highest quality gaming applications available.

Be fully cognizant that your battery will be draining faster by activating this setting, which is why you only need to use it on a full battery or when connected to the power source. Switch this feature off to help preserve your battery after you have completed gaming.

Turn off processes and applications in the background

Sometimes, some are not aware that software or process is running in the background when people start a game. This will require valuable processing capacity that can be used to make it possible for your game to run just right.

Check and switch background applications off:

1) Make sure that options for developers are enabled. Go to Settings> About Phone, then tap roughly seven times to build the number. Some phones have an option within the system tab itself for developer options, you just need to tap into that and activate the developer options.

2) Go to Settings > System > Advanced > Options for Developer > Running services.

3) Choose which app you would like to stop using. * Note: When picking which apps to stop, be careful because stopping an app can cause the phone to crash. While Google applications are usually important, you can securely close apps such as Media Player, Youtube, or gallery.

4) Simply choose Stop after identifying the app. Repeat until you have all unnecessary applications closed. Now your phone should be running slightly faster.

It will allow you to evaluate the RAM usage by going into the developer settings on your smartphone and having to look at the running services. If you use a lot of RAM for certain apps, you will be able to avoid them while playing a game.

Using the Performance or Gaming Boost apps

By installing different gaming performance boosting apps that are readily compatible on android Store, you can also improve your Android. These applications can be loaded with features to help increase the quality of your device’s graphics and efficiency. Many of the gaming boost apps come with a special feature that can be manually changed only when playing games on your device or their settings.

Playing games has increased massively and so these days has its requirement for performance. Games such as Call of duty psp, Jurassic World Alive and Grand theft auto require your smartphones to provide a lot of processing resources. An application for game boosters would help to improvise resource distribution.

DU Speed Booster and Android Cleaner and many more are some of the performance boosting applications that can be installed. The applications listed may help to increase the speed of someone’s gaming experience.

Update your smartphone

First and foremost, making sure that your device is completely up-to-date is worth it. A newer mobile operating system, an updated UI skin, a patch, or a fix for bugs will come along every now and then. Any of the above can help Android to speed up.

To find out if an update is available for your phone, head to Settings > About Device > Software Update.

For specific applications, especially stuff like emulators, it is worth checking for updates on a regular basis. Sometimes it can make a massive difference to an update alone. That goes for Google Play Services as well, seeing that almost everything on your phone is controlled.

Don’t Forget about accessories for gaming

Having the right accessories would also be a great way to boost the enjoyment of your Android device when playing games. A great way to engage yourself in a game without distracting oneself is to invest in a top notch headphone. You can also check how to fix a smartphone cracked screen.

A great way of reducing memory usage on your Android smartphone is to use cloud-based applications to store pictures and videos. You can play the experience you love by keeping your device’s memory utilization low.


Here, some of the simple tricks that can be used to help optimize your Android device for a better gaming experience and have been discussed with you. The above tricks will help make your Smartphone work more efficiently and help stop the battery from draining quickly.

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