Build A Successful Zomato Clone App For Your Food Delivery Business

Perfect Zomato Clone App

Who are we? Foodies…

What do we love? Food

How much we love food? A lot…

Not shopping but food has always remained on the top when asked people what they love the most. We love trying different cuisines whether we are sitting at home, chilling with a can of beer enjoying our favorite game with a piece of pizza, or visiting Europe. We think…eat…live food. All thanks to the food apps – on demand food apps is today’s tinder!. Connects you to the right restaurant, easy ordering, and checkout and get delivery.

Talking about the food, even the businesses are leveraging the idea of on demand food ordering solutions like Zomato. Bingo! The name doesn’t need any introduction. It is a successful food business model that has become an aspiration for startup buddies.

Why Make Zomato Clone App For Your Food Delivery Startup?

It is no denying the fact that most of the on demand food delivery app version is a replica of Zomato. Zomato clone app can be customized with a couple of new features. So, here is how Zomato like app works:

  • Simple login, registration allowing the user to browse the on demand food app
  • Enabling the users to see the browse the online menu of the restaurant they wish to order with a detailed description, price, and the estimated time is taken to deliver the food
  • The app lets you explore the restaurants categorized under different cuisines along with their in-house dining seating images and the map location
  • The subscription model will have more promotional offers to go, exclusive dining and social drinking membership along with special perks.

Important Features For Developing A Zomato Clone App

Zomato started with basic features and simple functionality. The users search for the restaurants, explored the online menu, ordered the food, and checkout. Later on, it developed a dedicated community for foodies that attracted the users, that witnessed a hike in the revenue. Advancing further, it is now allowing to book the tables, explore the restaurant based on the exotic food cuisines even nationally.

It will require collaborating at every stage where all 3 stakeholders will maintain a smooth functioning for the users. Here are the key features that you should not miss:

  • Web portal admin – Admin dashboard and analytics and reporting
  • Delivery professionals – Navigation, restaurant information, route optimization, the contact information of the user, start/end trip
  • User app – Social media login registration, search options in terms of restaurants and cuisines, call the restaurant, call delivery driver, promo codes/discounts, multiple payment options, push notifications, track delivery person, real-time tracking for the food delivery

What You Should Not Miss When Developing Zomato Clone App?

Often when developing a look-alike app, we forget that the original version has done all the hard work and for this reason, it is successful today. To make your food delivery stand out, take care of a few things such as:

  • User-friendly design with easy navigation for different pages
  • An uncluttered look can be impressive
  • A helpline number or dedicated customer support can be a huge plus
  • Update the data of the restaurant, offering the latest updates of the menu, prices, and other relevant stuff
  • The visual appeal of your Zomato like the app can make a huge difference in attracting the users.

Simplifying The Process – Hiring The App Development Company

From the moment you have the idea of developing a Zomato clone app to testing and launching, there are so many steps involved that makes your food delivery app successful. 

The homework that you will have to do is understanding your target audience. The niche market where you wish to launch your Zomato like the app. Have a detailed market analysis and check for the demands and supply that fall in line that will help create a long term work relationship. 

Finding it tough choosing your food delivery app technology? That is when having a pro-on-demand app maker comes in. You do not have to be technically sound but, having a basic understanding of what kind of technology your food delivery app should have is crucial and leaving the rest to the experts.

It is important to have a clear understanding of the app business model you wish to launch and let your developers know so that they can guide you accordingly.

To start with, you will need a pro on-demand app development company onboard to turn that concept into reality. 

  • Make a list of your app requirements based on the research you have done
  • Look for a mobile app development firm offering white label solutions along with credible sources
  • Read their case studies and how they have been doing in the app market
  • Find out their present customers, their stories to get better clarity of their work pattern
  • Talk to them about your concept, know the detailed insights, and get your queries resolved

The professional mobile app development companies will have their pricing models. So, choosing the one that fits your business requirements can be the best idea.

Having given you the clarity and run-down about how the Zomato Clone app can be developed and things to consider will help you put your app project into execution. 

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