BlurSPY Review: Best Cell Phone Tracker 2019

BlurSPY Review

If you are looking for the best way to track your employees and children, then you have no choice but to install a tracker on their cellphone. The advantage of this is that you will be able to oversee all of your responsibilities while still doing other things. When searching for trackers, it is recommended that you be interested in its features because they come with different capabilities. As for your children, you might want to monitor their online activities too. That’s because they are exposed to dangerous content online that can destroy their brains.

Cell phone tracking is currently being held by all people who understand its importance. The BlurSPY application is an outstanding example of a tracker that has helped to retrieve so many lost and misplaced phones. It is important to know that there are so many types of mobile tracking applications out there. The challenge is, there are genuine and fake ones so finding one must involve proper research about the developer. As for cellular tracking, you should know that it goes beyond tracking your phone’s GPS location.

So here we will elaborate you about the best cell phone tracker app of 2019 named as “BlurSPY”.

What does spy app means?

Cellphone spy software, also known as a spy application, is a cellular application that secretly monitors and gets information from the target cell phone. Its records telephone calls, text messages and other sensitive information. All recorded data is sent to the application server. Spy applications run in the background and cannot be detected by the user.

Different spy applications may use different terminology, but they all work the same way. You install the application on the target phone, then enter your license key, then let the application do that. You can then monitor their activities from a website on your computer or mobile device. The following is an overview of the process.

Why BlurSPY?

Choose BlurSPY because it is the best Android Spy and will provide you with all objectives which are considered as the pillars of good spying application. From location tracking to browser history coming out, BlurSPY gives you access to all features. Sophisticated monitoring software helps you keep an eye on anything suspicious happening in your office or in your child’s life. All systems are competent with BlurSPY tracking software, from blackberry to Android to Tablet, the operating system is not a hindrance in its complete function.

Top Features:

Live call Recording:

BlurSPY tracking software detects, and records call on your target device and make the contact of the person you suspect as evidence. It records the activity screen of the gadget where you have installed BlurSPY and makes it comfortable for you to see their activities throughout the day. Surround recorders can be used in a very useful way to protect your people or business. Recording surround gives your insight into the target’s preferences.

Call Blocker:

Want to block unknown calls on our cellphone? If we have the BlurSPY Android Spy Application, increasing our strength over the training of our young people or workers, Blur SPY gives us the opportunity to choose which calls should be allowed and which should not be.

Camera Bug:

The BlurSPY android spy application secretly captures photos without giving the target owner the slightest hint. This snippet is uploaded directly to the online web-based admin Panel account and you can infer valuable information about your target, where your target has been and the people he has met. You can easily research the whereabouts of your child or employee by spying on his camera and photo gallery.

SMS tracking and call logs:

Most conversations are done via text messages and calls. This communication format stores a lot of information about the owner of the device with the BlurSPY application; you can navigate through your target text messages whether sent via sim cards or any social communication application. BlurSPY Surveillance gives you access to all call logs that allows you to check contracts and durations on your dashboard, anywhere you want.

GPS Tracking:

GPS tracker is an amazing feature of BlurSPY spyware app that records all locations visited by the target cell phone. BlurSPY always keeps a record of things to see later, even after deletion from the target device. You can get weekly reports and location history in your dashboard. In addition, it is very easy to mark safe areas on the map for your children or employees. After crossing the line, BlurSPY always beeps with a notification.

Read Messages:

Capture messages from targeted devices from WhatsApp, Facebook, Snap Chat, Skype, Viber and IMO. Monitor Multimedia Files, Voice Notes and Image Galleries Stored on Social Media.

Contacts access:

Check each contact in the mobile contact list. Spy on every event of an Android phone.

Sim Change Notification:

This BlurSPY Mobile tracker feature helps you to continue monitoring on target even after a Sim-card replacement. The amazing features of this Android mobile app work independently and notify you via sim change notifications about Sim changes. This feature allows the user to continue monitoring on the phone and helps you track new sim numbers, calls, texts, emails and contacts on the new Sim card.

An additional benefit is in situations when your cell phone is stolen, and you have important documents on your device. This feature helps you to detect the presence of the thief. The best part of this feature is that the owner of the targeted device doesn’t even get the idea to be monitored while you can make your best efforts and track the lost cellphone. There is no visual activity from the BlurSP mobile app feature that causes the target device owner to be suspiciously monitored.

Remote phone controller:

The smartest feature of the Android BlurSPY monitoring software gives you the opportunity to spy on your children anonymously. Your children will never be aware of the screen recordings of their devices. This can only happen with the BlurSPY android tracker hidden icon option. Your kids will never find the application on their mobile when you download and install the application to their device; you only need to add your license key in the BlurSPY android spyware application. Automatically hide when you install on your children’s phone and section others from the application will be downloaded to your own device because it has your children’s information and is very simple with just 4/5 clicks and you will be your teen’s secret agent.


Because of all these characteristics, the BlurSPY android spy application is an amazing new feature to monitor and help you get things done efficiently.

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