Blog and Blogging platforms

Blog and Blogging platforms

What is Blog and Website?

What is a blog and why should I start one? A blog is essentially an online public discussion or informational site published over the Internet consisting of informal, usually textual blog-style text posts. Blog posts are usually displayed in reverse chronological order, which means the latest post is at the top, above all others. In some instances, some blog services will allow you to create polls, questionnaires, and other interactive elements that give the reader an opportunity to participate in the ongoing conversation on your blog.

Best Blogging platforms

If you are a blogger, free blogging platforms in India can be really helpful for your writing and promoting activities. However, when you are opting for these platforms there are certain disadvantages that come with them. For example, one of the disadvantages of free blogging platforms in India is that these platforms do not allow you to post your blogs on their servers. Therefore, if you wish to have maximum visibility for your Submit Technology Guest Post you will have to choose other platforms.

There are several free blogging sites in India that offer the service of personal blogs. The personal blog allows you to share information about your life as well as provide links that direct the readers to your main website. This can help you to earn money through your personal blog as well as keep in touch with your clients and customers. However, while creating a blog on any of the free blogging sites in India you are required to follow the content guidelines. The rules and regulations pertaining to this type of site are different from country to country.

Word Press Platform 

If you choose WordPress as your blogging platform in India, you will have to follow certain guidelines. In order to create a WordPress blog, you will need to register for a free account. This process will enable you to access the tools that make WordPress easy to use. In order to access the WordPress administration area you will need to log in using your user name and password that you registered with WordPress. You can also create your own user name for publishing individual blogs on the free blogging platforms in India.

One of the major disadvantages of using the free blog writing platforms in India is that registering for a free domain name takes up too much time. Most bloggers who are looking for online visibility prefer to use a domain name that has something to do with their niche. Consequently, many Indian free domain name registration services charge too much. Some even ask for an upfront payment before you are allowed to register your domain name. Some of these registrations take a few days.

One of the main disadvantages of blogging is that most people use WordPress to publish content. Livejournal blog owners use Livejournal blog pages to publish material not related to their business. A blogger can easily make money from these blog pages. As a matter of fact, Livejournal blog owners generate a substantial income from ad revenue generated by the traffic on their pages. In addition to this, there are many affiliate programs available on the free blogging platforms in India that help a blogger to make money.

Another problem with free blogging platforms in India is that most of the content on them is usually gibberish. This happens because most blog sites use out of date software to publish content. A blogger cannot expect their page to appear on Google when using an outdated software program. If you want to attract visitors and potential customers to your site, it is imperative that your content is original and carefully written with SEO in mind.

If you want to make money through online marketing, then SEO is critical. One of the best free blogging platforms in India is WordPress. WordPress is widely used as a blogging platform by Indian bloggers. In addition to its popularity with bloggers, WordPress also has the ability to be integrated with various other websites such as those run by the search engine companies such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Because Google and Yahoo have very large databases of websites, they are able to leverage the strength of each individual blog to promote their products and services on their pages.

Tumblr and Reddit Platform 

One of the best free blogging platforms in India is tumblr. Blogs are quickly gaining traction among the Indian audience because of their accessibility and user-friendly features. If you want to attract more traffic to your blog posts and other pages, then it is important that you keep updating your content on a regular basis. If your content is not updated regularly, then the search engines might not be able to make sense of your website and hence would not rank it well in their search results. On the other hand, if you use the social bookmarking websites like Delicious, Reddit, StumbleUpon and MySpace then you can share your blog posts and other content with the community thereby driving traffic and building your brand name and increasing your visibility.

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