Which are the Best Indian Public Schools in Abu Dhabi?

Indian Public Schools

Providing a diverse variety of 230 private schools, Abu Dhabi puts forth an ocean of options for parents to choose a school for their child. Even Indian parents and students living in the city or planning to shift; have a mixed bag of options to select the best for themselves. Before selecting that one school, parents should compare every school depending upon their ratings, school fees, merit, recognition, placements, faculty, facilities, mode of teaching, and co-curricular activities.

Even though each school is different in terms of academics and practical training methods, all they want is for students to outshine in their respective fields. Following are some of the famous Indian schools of Abu Dhabi known for their academic record, teaching method, values they impart, and all-round development.

Abu Dhabi Indian Public School

Abu Dhabi Indian Public School, commonly abbreviated as ADIS, is a private school located in Abu Dhabi offering quality education in the Indian curriculum. The school is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi, and provides full-time education from Kindergarten to Class XII.

The school’s annual fees range from AED 5,900 TO AED 10,500. At the SSC level, the students can select a secondary language from Special Arabic, Hindi, and French. The school students are divided into upper primary and secondary. At the HSC level, the student can select Mathematics, Biology, and Computer Science in the Science stream. In Commerce, the student can select Mathematics, and Information Practices, and Psychology electives. Abu Dhabi’s Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEC)  has given it the status of “Good” in terms of rating.

Global Indian International School (GIIS)

Known for its modern approach, Global Indian International School aims at providing the right amount of exposure required for students to grow and develop as an Individual. As GIIS takes in students of different cultures under one roof, students tend to develop cultural awareness.

They come out from the old shell of stereotypes and learn about great innovations, cultural practices, and values. Not only in terms of culture, but students of GIIS also tend to give a splendid performance in academics too. The school concentrates on the wholesome development of the student and ensures their participation in co-curricular activities too. For these activities, the school has all the facilities required ranging from an auditorium to a sports ground.

The school follows GMP (Global Montessori Programme) for the pre-primary section and CBSE for Class I to Class XII. The annual school fee ranges from AED 10,300 (KG) to AED 12,200 (Class 7). The ADEC has given a “Very Good” rating to the school. The school even offers various scholarships based on academics, talent, merit-cum-means to provide the right opportunity to students filled with potential.

Private International Indian School

Private International Indian School is operated by the famous Bhavan group of India. The school has achieved a “Very Good” rating from the ADEC due to its holistic approach towards teaching. The school’s campus is spacious enough for co-curricular activities like music, dance, and sports.

The school strongly believes in the overall development of the children. The school’s campus is built on high international standards to provide the right atmosphere and proper facilities to students. Even the classroom’s construction has a modern touch to it, and they are very spacious. The school’s yearly fees range from AED 9,200 To AED 16,500.


Before selecting secondary school in Abu Dhabi, it is important to compare, analyse, and select the best school as the base years help in building the student to compete with the outside world and outshine in their field. Teaching students in these schools will not improve their academics but also transform them into global citizens. By staying together, students develop compassion, empathy, good virtues, and cooperation. They even learn how to work together in groups and have a strong opinion towards a particular topic.

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